Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Renato Responds to Tracy Ryan Terhune and David Bret's Risky Statements

Perhaps it is better for David Bret and Tracy Ryan Terhune to cleanse their minds instead of making such risky statements about Evelyn and I, which as always are offensive and defamatory.

I refer to what they wrote in their last pathetic posts against Evelyn in the blog which, coincidentally, Terhune runs under the title of Evelyn's own book as its title.

In this post, Terhune lays out some of Evelyn's infractions/stabbings which I address:

1) Betraying Donna Hill's confidence:

Donna Hill knew she was talking to a writer, a researcher on Valentino and a person who was then searching for those missing probate court records of Valentino. Donna Hill spontaneously told Evelyn that the documents were stolen from the Los Angeles County archive and that she knew who had them. Of course Evelyn was going to pay attention to news like that. That was a researcher's break through. Donna Hill also added spontaneously to Evelyn that the documents had been "returned" to the Valentino family in exchange for one of Valentino's shirts. I suspect Donna Hill wanted to spread this news. This was a crime and of course Evelyn would not ignore something like that.

Well, if you do not want a writer, a journalist, a narrator to share with the world what you tell them, it is better to shut up because it is the intellectual duty of the writer to spread important and above all truthful news. Tracy gave us ample proof that the news about the Valentino family exchanging one of Rudy's shirts for those records was true.

Ergo: Stab 0

2) Bill Self was really sorry to have to obey Jeanine Villalobos' request to no longer speak with Evelyn. So there is no secret or stabbing in this case. Evelyn used the alias of Pelf for Self to exclude him from any Google searches and not for other reasons.

Ergo: Stab 0

3) Cindy Martin:

This is a very good point, but the one who stabs here is Tracy who strongly contradicts Martin and brazenly calls her a liar. Tracy Terhune calls Cindy Martin a liar because she told us those defamatory and offensive posts by Bret about us were endorsed by Tracy.

Ergo: Stab 1 but by Tracy Ryan Terhune.

4) Michael Morris:

He was a very good friend of Evelyn and myself and I can say that he actually did not write a single word of the Forewarning but made many suggestions, such as i.e. the nickname “Magus of the Cult”. I ask Tracy not to pay attention to what Bret has to say about Michael as this could be risky. Bret who, while pretending to advocate for the gay community, insults Micheal Morris by calling him “Padre Liberace”, “A Queer Priest”, a “Queen” and so on. A very homophobic way to defend the gay community; using the term gay to insult.

Ergo: stab 0

5) Jeanine Villalobos.

She never had a friendly and private conversation with Evelyn. She spoke to her in public, being unfriendly and warning her not to publish George Ullman's memoir or else. I was there with at least another fifteen other people when she said, "If you publish that you will kill my mother”, followed by, “We will publish incriminating material about Ullman”. Eleven years have passed but we are still waiting.

Ergo: Stab 0

6) David Bret:

I ask Tracy Ryan Terhune how he can speak about Bret as a victim of a default judgment? First of all in Italy every judgment has its own progress and the default doesn't exist. David Bret, instead of insulting the lawyers and sending crazy and hysterical emails to the general prosecutor, to the chief of the police and so on, had only to contact our lawyers in a gentlemanly way, (I admit this is an impossible position for him), and ask what was going on.

He did not need to scream from the roof tops that it was all a scam. Regarding the Bret letter to our lawyer which Evelyn posted, Terhune should wash his mouth out with soap before calling unethical our serious professionals.

That letter, as are all the documents in this lawsuit, are a legal part of this case and there is nothing illegal in disclosing them. Bret does not enjoy attorney/client privilege because this was and is our lawyer. Of course she would and will continue to forward all correspondence to us.

Illegal and unethical would be the words to describe Tracy Ryan Terhune's abuse of Evelyn's blog affairsvalentino.blospot.com.

Last but not least, if you do not want me or Evelyn to disclose what you say to us, it is better you stay silent. Because we are transparent like the clear water and do not live in the mud of defaming, pathetic lies.

I do not reply to Bret's delirium because the only thing he can do is to pay, that's all folks.

Renato Floris