Saturday, September 26, 2020

Purchasing Prints was Expensivo

In the years since my dear friend, colleague and comrade in arms, Michael Morris' death, I have had legal custody of his Madam Valentino archive. Michael published Madam Valentino in 1991 and years before digital access to images. When I began work on Affairs Valentino in 2000, I was just then having access. But Michael had to purchase all of the physical prints. I am also surprised he had possession of so many of the 8" x 10" negatives which his publisher Abbeville apparently sent to him. 

The negatives in their sleeves with their data are especially beautiful. When Michael first loaned me his archive in 2003, all of these photographs were kept in one huge cardboard box. I am still working out a system. I will be housing all of the archive at some point but am also hoping to be able to have it digitally housed online, most probably on 

Meanwhile...Thank-you! Michael.