Friday, September 25, 2020

We Do Not Fabricate Documents, Mr. Terhune.

 So Tracy Ryan Terhune cites Valentino's “arrival money” in the US in 1913 as being $4000, which by today's currency exchange would be... as cited @  the equivalent today of about $105,017.37.  

I ask Terhune, how could Valentino have possibly burned through that kind of money within a few days of his arrival to spend his first Christmas in New York broke? Impossible. Even for Valentino.

And Terhune tells a follower on his Facebook group that our reporting Valentino gave his destination in NYC as a wealthy Uncle Ernesto is just, “fabrication”. Is he kidding? He tells people on his Facebook group we fabricated the Ellis Island records? Ernesto was a successful businessman, Ada's uncle and we found evidence he sponsored other family members as well. Terhune is the great fabricator in this one.

We do not “fabricate” and he knows that. But then this is the man who stated our work belonged in the “trash bin of Valentino history”. This is the man who runs the blog under the title of Affairs Valentino to deceive our web traffic. This is the man who calls us names, mocking our ages, with a “tick tock” counting down to our deaths, who mocks Renato as the man “wearing a dress”, etc., etc.

This is the man who provides a platform for David Bret to violate the court order with his vile defamatory comments about us. So now Terhune claims we “fabricated” the data of Rudy's arrival in NYC. This is tantamount to him calling the Mennillos liars, the Filomarino family liars and us forgers who I guess fabricated those Ellis Island records which are all on file online? Ridiculous. I think Terhune and Hill's followers should exercise some critical thinking and call them out on this.

Instead of welcoming new work done on their favorite subject, they dismiss it all saying we “fabricate”. The Guglielmis were not a poor family and Valentino did not arrive in NYC as some economically impoverished person with a cardboard suitcase in hand. This was and still is a sham of a studio-generated version of events published about Valentino to garner sympathy.

Tracy Terhune ignores the records on file, ignores the facts we brought forth over years of hard work, while still trying to appear as some authority. Valentino arriving with the equivalency of just over 100,000$ and with wealthy family in NYC... whose address he gave to the authorities... Mr. Terhune and Ms. Hill that is not our fabrication.

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