Friday, September 18, 2020


There's a danger in an audience. The larger the audience, the more the peril. If there is a lesson to be learned from Rudolph Valentino, it would be that for me. There is a scrutiny. If one person were to be looking over your shoulder to watch every move you make that would be destructive enough. But every new member of that audience expanded that destruction exponentially. Valentino didn't stand a chance.

And if that audience is out to get you, if anyone in that audience is out the get you... well imagine the psychological weight of bearing that.

And then there is that rogue psycho in the audience who presents such a danger that it requires security. ..the reason why Ullman carried a gun. Valentino's audience was especially aggressive during the filming of The Son of the Sheik. Isn't it interesting to think that even within the security of the United Artists' lot... George Ullman would have been standing by with a loaded gun in his pocket.

So it goes. Godspeed.