Sunday, September 6, 2020

"Boundless Energy"

I realize it would be a pleasant experience for readers of this blog to enjoy more images of Rudolph Valentino and artful commentary to go with. But at this point do I have a choice but to expose the actions of those gate keepers of his myth, those merchants sullying his temple?

How tragic it is to me to realize this beloved idol's heavenly gates have come to be kept by people I believe belong in jail for what they do to Renato and I. In response, I do not plan to be silenced and shuffle away to weep for some loss. I fight to have this behavior exposed, fight to have our truth be known and fight for our good names.

As I have laid out in the narrative of this blog and will continue to do so, the current gate keepers of the myth brag about impeding our right to do business... proudly stating they have had our Valentino books removed from sale. I ask, does not bragging about impeding someone's legal right to do business make breaking that law even worse?

And in response to the torrents of defamation issued by these bandits while they work to ruin our book sales... I remind them defamation has its consequences... just ask David Bret. He spent years posting maniacally how our lawsuit against him was a fraud and swore as fact we hired actors I guess to pose as our lawyers. David Bret posted this on his multiple attack websites and blogs, where he expounded authoritatively to the world just how we faked the whole thing. And why? Because he claimed he was innocent. Well he was not.

He always knew the lawsuit was perfectly legal and he knew the evidence we collected was about as bad as it could be. The disgusting archive of yes thousands of images and posts included files with titles such as “Attacks on My Body”, “My Father”, “My Death”, “Stalking Me”... etc. with the files chock full of death wishes (he prefers to call his death threats,“witty death wishes”), the files are full of sexual obscenity, unthinkable levels of personal invasion and traumatizing images... so I can say he knew it was a real lawsuit from day one. But his entire response to the lawsuit was that; to claim as loudly as possible, as many times as possible that he was an innocent and the lawsuit, our lawyers and us... were all crooks out to do him in.

It is now six years later and our fine lawyers are working in two countries coordinating efforts in accordance with international agreements in place, to collect the damages awarded to us in that lawsuit we won against David Spurr Bret. The Court of Asti verdict found him guilty of defamation and has ordered him to pay us a great deal of money which he has yet to do. Meanwhile he continues to defame us and our work under his name and under a slew of aliases.

This all may not be the loveliest of Valentino's stories, but it is our reality every day because they make it so. Their malicious attacks over all these years have consumed days and months of our time when we could have spent that valuable time on more positive projects.

We fight to defend our right to publish our books which are the culmination of a great deal of hard work and dedication. We fight to expose the many, many lies they spread about us and we fight to have our truth known.

Today someone remarked how Renato and I have such “boundless energy”. I was taken aback by that actually. Because over the years we have woken up so many mornings to be kicked hard by the “bastards” as Renato calls them... those who never stop in their “campaign to ruin Evelyn”.. as it is called by them.

But despite, Renato and I are not sorry folks moping about, lost and defeated. We are fighters and always have been and when a few notable people are publicly doing all they can to prevent us from selling our books...we will fight to keep that from happening.

In my opinion they all belong in jail. You can not just stand in front of a restaurant and tell people maliciously the food inside is poison and will kill them when that is not true at all. And then you can not brag to the world online how you managed to ruin business for the restaurant and laugh how you put them out of business. And you can not then go home and open up a blog under the name of that restaurant where nothing but heavy defamation is posted about the owners of that restaurant. I think you get my point.

“Boundless energy” sounds thrilling. New mantra for me.


To read the evidence I submitted in the lawsuit v. David Bret and the verdict,  you can find the files uploaded here: