Sunday, August 16, 2020

What Would They Think? and Renato's contributions to Valentino history to date. As Tracy Terhune wrote, “Evelyn Zumaya belongs in the trash bin of Valentino history” ….I am calling him out for an apology.

In that same post he bullies my husband by calling him, “the man in a dress” for wearing a Moroccan robe... which is not only homophobic but Islamophobic, trans-phobic and drag-phobic. And he gloats how I am in such ruins (from his decade of savaging) that even Renato can not save me.

He deleted this post on that point blank bullying hate blog he runs under my book's title. But what kind of person, I ask... runs blogs under another author's book titles to “ruin” them (Terhune's own word) with vicious lies, ageism, a whole lot of death wishing and just about anything else under the category of mean, cruel and sick? Who does that? Tracy Terhune does that's who.

On that blog Tracy Terhune likes to call me “obsessed”. Well there is nothing wrong with a productive level of obsession if it is motivated by the good and not evil. I am obsessed … obsessed with exacting justice for Renato and I for what we have been subjected to by Tracy Terhune's assaults to our truth. And yes if he continues in this manner, I will be obsessed with exposing his cruel behavior.

Obsessed? I am... with receiving his apology and it must be loud and clear and sincere and everywhere. How preposterous for him to behave like this on his dirty little secret Affairs Valentino blogspot...while trying to act the victim. He might have deleted that post but he wrote it and it was broadcast to the world for a while.

I am proud of these books and our contribution to Valentino history. And god willing there might be a couple more on the way. Die Evelyn Zumaya Die has been in the works for seven years and another new book has Renato and I inspired.

I ask myself the following: if all the attendees and Valentino's relatives at the Valentino crypt ceremony on August 23rd... emceed by Tracy Terhune....if they were to find on their chairs a full print out of what he has written on that blog...what would they think? His contribution to Valentino history? How would he explain that level of hate and obsession to his audience?  

Does he not realize that running that blog ensures my response? Because every single day that blog is online under my book's title, Tracy Terhune, bullying me.