Monday, August 10, 2020

Defending Our Good Names Again

 There is an old familiar feeling which I have felt since 2009 and which my husband Renato and I have both felt since 2011...and that would be dread. This dread.. is what those bullying us hurl our way on a daily basis in response to us reporting the absolute truth about what has happened and what is happening to us.

We report honestly that Tracy Terhune and David Bret are still running a designated hate blog under my book's title where they brag about diverting traffic from our products and my book Affairs Valentino and write consistently about our impending deaths.

They incite hatred of us by calling us homophobic, fools, tottering elderly with no brains left. And there is ample proof to what I write. Unfortunately there is.

They incite hatred for our work, do their worst to demean and mock us and this is all documented. Unfortunately it is.

They try to portray us as the villains when what we did was to write some books; books they did not like. Their response? To mock us, call us names, post images of Satan and the Bible and lie about us and the entire situation with no mercy.

David Bret lost a lawsuit I filed against him for defamation and he knows this. This despite his years of posting everywhere on line that is was a non existent case which we made up. I don't think he is thinking that right now.

Instead of accepting there are books they don't like and moving on with their own lives, they have allied to ruin us and hopefully instill our lives with more dread. My father's memory was attacked, reports I was a criminal, a drug addict were posted everywhere by them and obituaries published claiming I was dead. My hard drive is full of sad and terrifying screenshots of their assaults on my good name, my husband's good name and the good names of many of our business and personal associates who have dared to defend us throughout the decade this hell has been going on.

What kind of people do things like this, so openly, so publicly and so proudly? I think their actions and online comments reveal more about them than us. We are not bullies, not liars... we do not run hateful blogs under their book's titles...we are not homophobic and are not stalking anyone and never have.

I call on Tracy Terhune and David Bret to close that blog and cease in their hateful diatribes and all because we wrote and published books they do not like. I stand by everything I have every written, including this today again in our defense. I am proud that at our ripe old ages we are still alive and mentally sharp and working hard to reclaim the truth about ourselves and our work and respond to their threats and endless insults.

The evidence collected over these long years speaks for itself as to the truth of this awful situation.

Bullies do not like it when their victims speak up, point out the obvious and fight back. I will never be bullied into silence. Never.