Monday, August 17, 2020

Beyond Valentino

We made this little video (below)...shortly after Michael Morris' posthumous book was published in 2017. I was honored to have been working on this book with him for several years before he passed away. In his final weeks he tried to hurry to have it completed but this did not happen. It was emotional work for me as I gathered up his archive and his nearly completed work and labored for the next year to finish his mighty tome. 

I completed the work with the generous assistance of his family and the Dominican diocese. I will admit I did not edit out so much from the materials Michael wanted to include because I knew he would not be revisiting the subject of Rambova. His discoveries were substantial, such as the images from Mallorca and as I completed the book, I went on to make a few more, such as the Mark Hasselriis story and images.