Tuesday, August 25, 2020

In My Defense

Some time in 2013, the cyber-bullying attacks against me online were so bad I felt I had to respond by video. This because the haters accused me of being someone else, accused someone else of writing my written responses. I did not like to be on camera and still don't. The video responses were a daunting effort for me but an important one. With Renato filming we would make 29 short responses to Tracy Terhune, the "team" and David Bret. Oh they hated my videos and still weep and wail about them. 

They mocked me as crazy for making the videos and it seems all so long ago now. But little has changed in the ensuing seven years. No one would want to be put in a position to make videos like this and especially because they wrote a book on Valentino. 

From my terrace, on a cold Italian day...