Tuesday, August 18, 2020

On The Subject of Masks & Hypocrisy

 Oh imagine my surprise to see Donald Garner selling his friend's Valentino masks in a Facebook group run by Tracy Terhune (this according to Cindy Martin). Well. Well. Well. Not so long ago when I did the same, I was viciously and instantly assaulted online by Tracy Ryan Terhune for daring to commit such blasphemy as to put Valentino's face on a mask and sell it. The outrage was so high, it was as if I did something criminal.

On May 13th, Tracy Terhune posted with the headline reading... (Excerpted as Fair Use to illustrate my point)

Yes... he wrote: ”Evelyn Zumaya's Atttempt to “CASH IN” By Selling Coronavirus Face Masks of Valentino”, subtitle asks...” Are Evelyn Zumaya and Renato Floris completely tone deaf?”

So logically I have to ask...where's the outrage targeting Donald Garner for doing the exact same thing?

And as to Donald Garner... he used to be a friend on Instagram and I found him charming, witty, genuine and friendly. Then one day he posted a picture of his copy of my book Daydreams. I knew it would not be long and sure enough it wasn't. He not only unfollowed me but blocked me. How does someone go from nice and friendly to that instant level of banishment? Because he was told... and he obeyed the outrage and he was propagandized against me. I am sorry about that still.

I guess this year it will be hard to recognize the sycophants because they will all be masked. But I am sure there will be a few front row seats of honor saved for the loyalists who worked so hard the past year in Terhune's “Campaign Against Evelyn”, as Cindy Martin called it.

For his miles and miles of hateful screed against us, posted in violation of a court order, I am sure David Bret will be seated front and center in the graveyard. And no doubt he will be seated next to Ms. Cindy Martin who has certainly done her best to incite outrage towards us.

And to the masked audience in Terhune's graveyard fete? I invite you to read some of the previous posts about this man on this blog which I was forced to write in response to his attacks...and visit the designated hate blog he maliciously runs to divert my Affairs Valentino web traffic. Yes, head over there to see what he has been up to this past year in regards to his excessive savaging of us and our work.

To Donald Garner, I guess according to Terhune's logic and feelings on the matter... you are attempting to cash in and are tone deaf. I add that I do not share that sentiment and do not fault you for promoting your friend's masks...not at all...so I say ignore the mind-boggling hypocrisy if Terhune dares to heave his judgment your way. In my opinion, he is the king of "Cashing In" on Valentino.