Saturday, August 15, 2020

Affairs Valentino Sources & That Italian Hospital Visit

 As we have nearly concluded recording my reading Affairs Valentino, I realized something which I want to mention. I wrote the book in a narrative non-fiction style but I included all of my sources in my 40 plus page end notes section. I invite anyone reading to or listening to me read Affairs Valentino to follow along in this section to discover my sources and see how I built the narrative.

I am proud of my research and my sources and want them to be known.

As the Affairs Valentino haters scoff, shun, accuse and sources defy them because they are solid and shared.

Apparently one of my unique sources was being sought out in the past few days; the story of Rudy and his secret visit to the Italian Hospital in London. As this article (below) was tucked into George Ullman's archives, this was the first and as far as I know the only time the story was told... in Affairs Valentino. 

For future reference I share this article and I apologize for the poor quality but this is exactly how Ullman's copy looked.