Monday, August 10, 2020

Tracy Terhune Mocks and Bullies Us Again -Updated with a Comment From Renato Floris

 Dear Tracy Terhune.

All of those posts I made were in response to your evil defamation which you have posted on a blog under my book's title for eight long years. A blog where you have done nothing but bully with names trying to demean my beautiful husband by saying he was "wearing a dress". How Islamaphobic of you. That is the wear for men in Morroco. 

Your posting that long sad list of my responses is pretty self defeating I would say Tracy, "Not the King of Valentino" Terhune. And for history I say I am very proud of the original Forewarning. I had such guts to do that. Sure I would do it differently today as I have more to add... but back then I was so defeated by you and Bret that I gave up. I state here for posterity that I am so very, very proud of my first Forewarning. And guess what... it was true.

I never said you would shoot someone in the back of the head, you did actually by identifying yourself. And someone I kept anonymous told me that.  You were never mentioned in that Forewarning. And after what I had gone through in 2010... that was a mild, mild piece. 

I  respond to your mocking my using my pen name, ridiculing Renato ..who is so far your superior there are not words to describe the gap, by saying anyone who knows him will attest to the fact that he is loving, kind, gentle and learned. And when we are in Morroco and it is 120 degrees, he and all the other men in our neighborhood wear the appropriate garb.

If you are so the victim, then why are you posting on a stolen blog under the title of my beloved book. Why? Pretty cheesy behavior I think. Who do you think you really impress with your sad name calling and elder abuse?

Calm down, its just a book...close that blog and move on. We have the testimony of first hand witnesses as to your campaign and your recruiting and alliances. And you know why? Because not everyone in the Valentino world is sorely lacking in morals. There are many, many fine people who are appalled with your behavior and want this situation changed. 

And by the way mocking a man for wearing a dress... even if it is a dress.. is homophobic. Men can wear dresses all they want to with no demeaning insults being hurled their way. You sir, in using men wearing dresses as a means to defame... are being homophobic.

We rise above. My Forewarning was from the gut, from the heart... after 10 years of hard work you and Bret had hit me so hard... I wrote the response of all responses. I might need to write another one. 

Quit whining...Its been ten years already.

And by the way, every single day that blog is online being run by you.. you are bullying us. 

A Comment from Renato:

"Tracy Ryan Terhune's delusions of grandeur have now reached worrying levels. Not so much for us but for his loved ones, if any. To the delirium of his grandeur he adds his absolute lack of a sense of humor. I think even he does not laugh at his squalid jokes which are his pathetic attempts to provoke and ridicule me because in Morocco I dared to wear a Moroccan djellaba. And if I went to Scotland, I would dress in a kilt.

I dare say his pathetic provocations only inspire sympathy... like that due to spoiled temperamental children. Another of Tracy Ryan Terhune's points is that he is indignant at having been mentioned so many times and, as a good accountant which is his profession, he has listed all the dates on which his sacred name was mentioned.

Well, if this follows... in his hijacking the blog which belonged to Evelyn and which bears the title of her book... he is mentioning the name of Evelyn every day. In this case, let's say that as he said her name on that blog every day it is online.. the tally, beginning from August 2, 2012 when Terhune opened the blog...up to today, results in the beautiful sum of 2929 times that he has mentioned Evelyn. So let's say that in this case, it is he who wins the bingo.

I have also wondered many times what Tracy Ryan Terhune's strength was to hold the post he, in my humble opinion, undeservedly occupies. He wants capriciously to hold on and celebrate every year a ceremony which rather than being a serious occasion.. reminds me of the mad hatter's non-birthday party in Alice in Wonderland. Yes, a non-birthday party because this ceremony does not celebrate a birth but a death.

Just to make this moment a little lighter, I post a link to a song which I dedicate to Tracy Ryan Terhune who, for me, now deserves the title of Valentino's Mad Hatter."