Wednesday, August 12, 2020

In Reference to the Previous Post on This Blog...

 The feedback we received from Tracy Ryan Terhune's recent post... which we refer to as the “He Wore A Dress & I Belong in the Trash” post... was unanimous; it was shocking, extremely homophobic and very heavy bullying.

Terhune deleted the post and I would hope it was because he had thinking friends and family who read that and told him it was so bad he needed to delete it immediately. This tactic to post something extremely emotional, offensive and cruel and then remove it has been going on for eight years and counting. I wonder how many awful things he has posted about us we have completely missed because we do not check his blog of hate that often.

He also removes posts to leave our response with nothing to reference. But we have screenshots and what was he deleting so speedily?

Here for posterity, in order to verify what we were responding to in our previous post, I cite his now deleted post titled, “Evelyn Zumaya Quote: “I Stand By Everything I have Every (sic) Written”... which was posted on the blog he runs under the title of my book he hates so very much.

With his blaring typo in his title, he mocked my saying I stand by everything I have ever written. I do by the way.

He taunts me saying I, “fell into a slippery slope of NO recovery.” To which I respond... one can not fall INTO a slippery slope but DOWN one and I was pushed down that slope by what he did to me with Bret since 2010. It is kind of like mocking someone for not being able to dance because you broke their legs.

He continues, “This woman who permanently resides in the trash can of Valentino history.”

This line inspires only one real response and that is that it is dripping, if not saturated in jealousy.

He goes on to write...” All the while 'her husband' parades around in a dress”.

Well Renato is my husband and no quotation marks are necessary. We did live in sin for a few years so Terhune could have been justified then with the wondering. But we have been legally married now for over five years.

And mocking any one, a man or a woman for wearing a dress, (in this case Renato was wearing a Morrocan robe) is homophobic and bullying by definition.

I could go on and cite how he asks me if I am “devoid of reality”. Now there is a philosophical question. Just by being alive I would have some reality, just by assuming I could read his insults would imply I had reality. In my opinion not a tremendous amount of thought went into that now deleted post.

His manic tallying of all the times I have had to respond to his provocations is laughable because he is basically saying, “Hey look folks... look how many times I forced this woman to defend herself and her husband?” Alot … and there has been a lot and in his tidy tally he displays all the evidence of his non-stop hate.

He ends his manic diatribe with calling Renato again my, “dress wearing husband” and saying he can not even save me from “the ruin I find myself in”.

Well in closing here I state happily that I am far from “in ruins”. Renato and I are engaged in many great projects, have published some 14 books and counting. We are in love and despite this long quarantine we are happier than ever and very productive. Our videos are being watched on Youtube, some books are selling, we hear every day from wonderful brilliant people and we are inspired to create more.

And let me say from the feedback we received about Terhune's now deleted post, that no one who contacted us read it and thought, “Oh how noble, how beautifully written... how fabulous.” No they thought it was evidence of some mental disorder, a tragically unhappy person and none of the comments registered were anything but shock.

I notice Terhune, although he deleted the post, left David Bret's slurry online there, oozing out of that rank comment section. In complete violation of a court order... and let me send a thought along to him as I know he reads this blog because he responds within minutes...

Perhaps instead of spending his days writing shit about good people for sport online... he could find a day job and begin paying us the court awarded damages from the defamation lawsuit we won against him.

And to Terhune I could pass along a note saying he might want to take that hijacked blog under the title of my book off line and return the URL to me... In this way he would remove any temptation to further parade his “tragically angry and unhappy” self around for the world to see.