Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Very Nice, Thank-you!

We received a comment submitted for the post, “Dear Gerry..” which I published on that post. We translated the Spanish from the original comment and share that here:

“All My Support and Respect for Ms. Evelyn Zumaya; as well as for Mr. Renato Floris.

Two Great Researchers and Writers on the Subject of the Actor Rudolph Valentino.

In all my years studying and trying to know a little more about the Valentino Theme; I have not found Two People more Committed to the Truth and the Desire to make it known, than the Two of them.

This Site, Their Books and Youtube Page, are a Testimony and a Clear Proof of the Seriousness and Responsibility of Ms. Evelyn Zumaya and Mr. Renato Floris, who handle the Rodolfo Theme with great respect for Valentino and for the admirers of the Actor.

They are of great help and support for all of us, because they not only teach us, they make us see the different possible sides of the unknown life of the Actor Rudolph Valentino; his wives, his family, his friends, etc.; those of us who really want to know and know more. We sincerely appreciate all of this.

Wishing you the best.

Greetings from the City of Mexicali, BC. Mexico!!!”

Below, the original comment in Spanish:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post ""Dear Gerry...":

Todo Mi Apoyo y Respeto para la Sra. Evelyn Zumaya; así como tambien para el Sr. Renato Floris.
Dos Grandes Investigadores y Escritores sobre el Tema del Actor Rodolfo Valentino.
En todos mis años estudiando y tratando de saber un poco mas sobre el Tema de Valentino; no habia encontrado a Dos Personas mas Comprometidos con la Verdad y el Deseo de darla a conocer, que a ellos Dos.
Este Sitio, Sus Libros y su Pagina de Youtube, son un Testimonio y una Prueba Clara de la Seriedad y de la Responsabildad de la Sra. Evelyn Zumaya y del Sr. Renato Floris, que tienen y que manejan con mucho respecto el Tema de Rodolfo Valentino y para los admiradores del Actor,
son de una gran ayuda y apoyo para todos nosotros, pues no solo nos enseñan, nos hacer ver los diferentes lados posibles sobre la vida desconocida del Actor Rodolfo Valentino; sus esposas, su familia, sus amigos, etc.; los que deseamos realmente conocer y saber mas; Agradecemos Sinceramente todo esto.
Deseandoles lo Mejor.
Saludos desde la Cd. de Mexicali, BC. México!!!”


  1. Evelyn and Renato - rest assured that there are many thousands more who feel this way about your contributions. And we have no reservations about calling out your tormentors with every shred of the disdain and mockery they deserve. They are keenly aware of this, which is why they scramble to pollute this forum with their demented gibberish.

    1. 3:50: Thank you! They have been working hard today trying to pollute with a bounty of gibberish. I am sure any moment they will begin mewling how I wrote that post and how now I am commenting on a comment I wrote, etc. They know better.

    2. The predictable has already arrived but I am not giving them the satisfaction of being published here. I will say that we do not have to invent documents, comments for this blog and are profoundly grateful for all the support we receive. Everything we share and present, as Renato said in his comment on the previous post... is only genuine.

    3. Jess Jape and the poster from Mexicali spoke for so many of us. Please pay no attention to the Hobgoblin behind the curtain. Over the years, so many of us have been repulsed by the vicious garbage belched from him, his mentor, and his mummie. What they don't seem to get through their brain dead noggins is the more trash they throw at the Florises, the more it makes us dig in our heels to support them. He can whine all day long, but we all know who started this.

    4. Indeed , the Floris' have more than anyone else have uncovered the truth about Rudolph Valentino, which gets more interesting.

    5. The Floris' have uncovered interesting things about Valentino than any other author and preserved his history. Thank you Evelyn and Renato , you deserve a round of applause.

  2. Mi Comentario anterior, Sra. Evelyn Zumaya y Sr. Renato Floris, es el Pensar y el Sentir Sincero, sin duda algúna, de Miles de Personas de diferentes partes del Mundo; que han encontrado en Ustedes Dos, una Respuesta y una Luz en esa dificil busqueda que hacemos por querer saber un poco mas sobre la Vida de Nuestro Amado Rodolfo Valentino.
    El Amor y Respeto con que tratan su Trabajo es la Mejor Prueba de Ello; su Trabajo Sra. Evelyn Zuñiga y Sr. Renato Floris, habla por Si Mismo.
    Sigan Adelante, con esa Convicción que Tienes Ustedes; que Nada los Detenga; ni las Envidias, ni los Celos, ni la Mediocridad, ni las Mentiras de unos Cuantos. Sino al Contrario hay que Reforzar Esfuerzos; porque Ustedes saben que están Haciendo lo Correcto, porque Actuan de Buena Fe y Sobretodo porque los Asiste la Razón.
    Y como dijo el Gran Quijote de la Mancha: "Deja que los Perros Ladren, Sancho, es Señal de que Avanzamos".
    Nuevamente desde la Ciudad de Mexicali, B.C., México.
    Con Estimación y Respeto.
    Su Servidor.
    Carlos Ernesto Esquivel Vejar

    1. 7:58: Gracias!! And in English: "My previous comment, Ms. Evelyn Zumaya and Mr. Renato Floris, is the sincere thinking and feeling, without a doubt, of thousands of people from different parts of the world; that they have found in You Two, an Answer and a Light in that difficult search that we do for wanting to know a little more about the Life of Our Beloved Rudolph Valentino.

      The Love and Respect with which you treat your Work is the Best Proof of It; your work Ms. Evelyn Zumaya and Mr. Renato Floris, speaks for itself.
      Proceed, with that Conviction that you have; Let Nothing Stop You; neither Envy, nor Jealousy, nor Mediocrity, nor the Lies of a Few. And if, you have to Reinforce your Efforts; know that you are doing the right thing, because you act in good faith and above all because you are assisted by reason.
      And as the Great Quixote of La Mancha said: "Let the dogs bark, Sancho, it's a sign that we're moving forward."
      Again from the City of Mexicali, B.C., Mexico.
      With esteem and respect.
      Carlos Ernesto Esquivel Vejar"