Saturday, August 27, 2022

A Pink Outline

Over the twenty-three years I have been researching and writing about Rudolph Valentino and Natacha Rambova, I accumulated countless documents. I say “countless” because I am not about to count them. Guesstimating I would say thousands... including the one thousand plus of the Ullman appeals case file, all the records we pulled here in Italy and in the U.S. and add to that the archives of the Mennillos, the Ullmans, Michael Morris and my archive.

In every case when I do share the documents, the haters/trolls/ “jealous mainstreamers”, I am not sure what they want to be called now....used to be the “team”... they swear to all that I forged them. They feign absurdly their babbling/fake scientific points but are absolutely full of it because not a single document has been altered or created by yours truly.

Except perhaps by my early notes which I scrawled in pencil on some pages of the appeals records copies. The “team” knows I did not touch or create the documents but continue in a desperate pursuit to suppress those documents by hurling personal insults at us as fast as they can and as often. 

But is it not ultimately a total loss for them to make a claim I forged documents which are publicly housed and available? Most all of the documents are online by now. It is also kind of wildly hypocritical that they accuse me of faking documents when they are sitting on a case file of straight up stolen probate records and the whole world knows that. Where records are concerned I would think in their situation, they might want to shut that down.

Considering that most all of Rudolph Valentino documents (stolen and not stolen) are held/hidden away forever and in the secret hoards of collectors, the fact I have so many official copies of those originals makes them desperate to dispute what I have. I feel like celebrating every single Valentino document we find by sharing it immediately because that is where Valentino's true story lies.

They also cry forger/fake because I know many, many stories about how those Valentino documents came to be in the hands of collectors and its not always a pretty story. It is so shady and bad.

If you think about it, isn't it a really cheesy way to react to someone who has bested them with documents? Mudslinging is not something most people respect at all. And my god the idiotic idea that I could or would fabricate thousands of pages of Valentino records is ridiculous and no one believes it.

I have shared a great deal and will share more. And if I watermark something it is because if I do not, it appears on the mainstream bandits' forums with their credit/ego all over it. I do not claim ownership, I claim discovery. If they gave me credit for discovery, a watermark would not be necessary. They are really upset by my watermark and gee I do not wonder why.

Their rejection of the content we have discovered, and their telling people to ignore us and our work... proves in all instances that they have no genuine interest in knowing more about Valentino and no real interest in sharing new information about Valentino with the members of their forums.

Here follows a potpourri of relics from my archive and to me they all are precious art. These are exactly how they were copied from the file housed in San Francisco (with the exception of my adding a pink outline). More about this in Affairs Valentino and in the Affairs Valentino Companion Guide of Documents. 

(Below) From the Falcon Lair expenditure itemization which was submitted as part of the court ordered audit preformed by Harry Baskerville, covering some of the time frame of six months before Valentino's death; Club Dues, Dentist, Doctor, Jewelry and Publicity.