Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Memo to My Haters

Dear Haters,

Considering all the abuse you three idiots have heaved my way, all the defamation whispered/broadcast behind our backs, considering all the evidence I have posted on https://www.zumayawinslawsuit.com/ with all of that documentation of your hateful, unending meanness and wildly unsupported arrogance... it is the most baseless thing that ever was a baseless thing... for you to feign being victims.

I realize as the sadists that you have proven yourselves to be, you take some joy in this post thinking I am upset. Do not misread these words. This is not hate, it is defiance. It is pride.

As hard as you try to convince your world that we are people we are not and that our books are not worth a look and our podcasts not worth a listen...you have never nicked the quality we bring to our work and lives in the tiniest bit. Your efforts are wasted because you could never make us the people you accuse us of being... bearing in mind those people you describe us as being... would, in every case, be yourselves.

So in regards to your deeply debasing insults and childish provocations, here's the facts... you spend all day and night glued to this blog and you know well I am not writing those brilliant comments I do post. Every single comment you send in just reinforces the fact that you can't hide your slavish obsession with me and your absolute love of this blog. 


  1. There you have it in black and white, the Floris' books are worth buying and reading.

  2. Nobody's perfect.
    I confess here Evelyn and myself have three serious flaws, which I list below:

    The first is that we don't know how to lie. I'm sure being able to lie is an indispensable gift these days for some in the world which revolves around Rudolph Valentino. Not sorry that we do not know how.

    The second is that we do not know how to construct fakes of any kind. What we communicate to the world is only and uniquely the result of our research on the truth about Rudolph Valentino and all the documents we present are only genuine testimonies. Not sorry for that!

    The third is that we do not know how to hate. We do know how to feel compassion for those who continually denigrate us and defame us because we are an easy target, too easy even if we defend ourselves with our intellectual honesty.

    That compassion for our opponents is enormous and we pity them because they deny what we discover. In this they do nothing but root themselves once more in their ignorance. Deeply sorry for that.

    I guess we will not be able to reach the peaks of hatred and dishonesty achieved by those who, without rest, attack us.