Sunday, August 28, 2022

Sans Darts

 It is rewarding to hear from you all with your thoughts and insights on Mae and Rudy. I think I made it clear in the podcast that I was not taking it further than her departure on January 6, 1926. My focus in the podcast was to track their movements and clear that up.

I feel I did, however, contribute to Mae's story after January 6th, 1926, because she was not nine months pregnant at the time. As she and Rudy played coy for the press and slipped in and out of Berlin, Paris and London with great finesse, no mention was made of her being about to give birth. It certainly would have been. Because women in those days barely left the house when they were that heavy with child. 

I am not taking up the cause of Mae's child, Koran's paternity. I spent a decade and more investigating Jean Valentino's paternity. I remain 100% convinced he was Rudy's child but considering all the shite I took for daring to present that, why would I ever follow that path again? The subject of any further love children will be left to other sleuths and best of all luck with your discoveries. 

For me the fascinating story of Rudy and Mae, and Pola and Prince David will always be about Mae's dress. She knew exactly when she had to marry, because a month later that sleek little waistline, sans darts, would never have worked. 

I am not convinced to date that Koran was Rudy's child but his being on that short list of Mae's paramours makes it an interesting possibility. The other day someone commented on this by saying that celebrities could and still can get away with anything. 

What an intriguing story. (see below)