Saturday, August 27, 2022

Twenty-Two Years Later, I Write the Following...

I have been asked a few times what I found to be the most unusual thing I learned about Rudolph Valentino. My answer to that has stayed the same over the years; that he was so young when he died.

The books he inspired, the movies, the myths, the lives he affected.... the stories to be told, the mysteries to be solved, and in our case...the love loved because of Rudolph Valentino. So I have not changed my answer to that question posed...not at all. What a prodigy he was in life.

I am so glad to be moving past this droll time of the Valentino year. Its just morose no matter how much they try to gussy his death up with festivities and cool pictures for Instagram.

I have turned off comments and explain it thusly..... here's to you haters...Boom. You are all nobodies now.