Monday, August 29, 2022

Making Waves

I have activated comments again after a respite and will do my best. I am sure readers of this blog know by now that those trolls/haters/nobodies.... those who shun and censor us and our work... will be sending in their millions of heavy insults and within minutes of this post.

Despite their false complaints that I do not publish comments which disagree with me, their comments are never a difference of opinion... they are malicious personal insults sent to trigger anguish in me. There is no hiding their purpose and their comments are censored here because they are cruel provocations, counter productive to any discussion.

To them I say... you waste your time. I read as few words as possible of your sadistic comments before deleting them. In almost every case they are not read in their entirety. So do they even exist? Like the proverbial question of whether a tree that falls in the forest makes a noise if no one is there to hear it. Sad you all sit and watch this blog and spit your venom at me within seconds. If you think about it is actually flattering. I guess I made a wave big enough for you to be very concerned about.