Sunday, August 14, 2022

To Be Blessed

I am blessed to have a beautiful home and the love of a close family, an oasis of love and comfort in a rather dystopian city.

I am blessed to have my love Renato, making a mess in the kitchen while happily cooking a roast. 

I am blessed to have my fur babies well and fed and all napping at the moment.

I do not live in a hateful environment, I do not need to be hateful at all. It is one of the most mystifying call to arms in the war v. Evelyn... to call me hateful. Nope, not. I am chill, perhaps too chill. 

Comments have been pouring in from the Satanic side of the Valentino world. I do not call it that lightly. 

I will advise them that you do not have to use a person's first and surname to be guilty of criminal identity theft. A great deal of legal consideration is made as to the context and intent of the use. I was shocked frankly to see the comment come in under the name of "Renato". Because how idiotic is that? Delivered on a silver platter. 

Thank you to all of our supporters, thank you for your understanding and for sharing your thoughts. 

A thought from Renato:

"This is what guides us: intellectual honesty, the choice and verification of sources, the care of the story, but first of all the respect of the reader who must not be deceived with misleading stories."