Saturday, August 13, 2022


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I began this website (above) because I began to think many people do not realize how very long this has all gone on. And I think many people can not imagine how overwhelming it all has grown on every level. This is the history in as brief a narrative as possible, year by year illustrated by screenshots excerpted from thousands. 

This is a work in progress and I will be updating soon. 



  1. If you are still on the fence regarding Ms. Zumaya's lawsuit against the despicable David Bret (née Spurr), then please read the judgement of the court. It is right here in black and white. Bret can deny it all he wants and TRT can allow him a platform to do so, but the evidence is indisputable that he was ordered to pay damages to Ms. Zumaya for defamation of character. An excerpt:
    "Very serious allegations were being made not only against
    either writer's artistic production or professional capacities,
    but also against her person and affections: many a time did
    BRET describe Ms Zumaya's death depicting violent and
    disquieting scenarios, invite her to commit suicide, declare
    she had had sexual intercourse with her deceased father,
    publish her personal phone number, publicly look for
    "spies" to help him identify her residential address so that
    he may be able to threaten her physically, state that Ms
    Zumaya's artistic and literary production had been banned
    in that homophobic, accuse author to have been involved in
    a cocaine arrest and publish excerpts of
    *AffairsValentino", clearly infringing on copyright laws, the
    foregoing being just a very small part of the plentiful,
    violent and dangerous attacks launched by David SPURR."

    Legally declared a very sick individual, Bret/Spurr still has a few defenders living in the Valentino Studies Fantasy World. They know who they are and they should be ashamed.

    1. 11:13: Thank you for publishing that. I think both the petition and the verdict are so well written.

  2. Indeed ! The evidence in the court document tells it all.