Monday, October 5, 2020

No Dinner for Us?

Well, well, well... so Tracy Ryan Terhune, the man who once said there was room for everyone at the "Table of Valentino"... blah, blah, blah... today deletes a link to our podcast episode on Jean Acker which someone posted on his We Never Forget Facebook group. Well, I guess so much for our seats at that “table”. 

I think people can surely judge for themselves as to the value of our podcasts and I hope they do. They do not need censor Terhune to make that call for them. We are very happy to see people are listening to our podcast episodes and I am sure many folks noticed when Tracy Ryan Terhune cut the lights on our Acker episode. 

We have been moving some of our Soundcloud episodes to our Youtube Channel and hope to do more soon.

Meanwhile thanks for listening and pay no attention I say to the book burners! 

In case you missed it, our Jean Acker episode:

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