Saturday, October 3, 2020

Choosing Not to Ignore These Bitchy Remarks:

  1. Cindy Martin corresponded with Renato a while ago and referred to my, “known mental issues”. I think its fairly obvious that the person using the subject of “mental issues” as a means to insult would be more the person with the mental issue. Who does that? Even if I had mental issues and even if they were known...using that to mock and slander me?

  2. A “Dr. Christina” posted a comment a while ago on Tracy Ryan Terhune's “How Much Do I Fear Affairs Valentino?” designated hate blog... in a cheesy attempt to be amusing. There she mused whether or not Renato and my “expiration dates” had not already long passed. No, “bitchy lady who does not even know us”, they have not. And comparing us to a grocery item like a quart of milk or a stick of butter which will sour and have to be thrown out...that is not funny but rude.

So for the benefit of Cindy Martin and Dr. Christina, I say the following. Rest assured Renato and I are of sound mind and our “dates”/lives?... are not about to expire just yet. And let's just say this... that for making remarks like that about us are not about to be invited over for one of Renato's five hour, ten course fabulous dinners. It was not so friendly of you to make such remarks and I have responded. You have a right to your opinion of us and our work, but spreading the innuendo that I am insane and that this is “known”... and cracking jokes about our “expiration dates”/deaths?... can not be classified as an opinion, it is straight up bullying.

                                                    Renato Floris - "Not Expired"

                                                  Evelyn Zumaya -"Not Expired"

                                            Evelyn Zumaya - No "Known Mental Issues"

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