Friday, July 3, 2020

Tracy Terhune Thinks I Should be Canceled

In response again to Tracy Terhune's latest post on that blog he runs under the title of my book Affairs Valentino to deceive and divert my web traffic, I say first of all I will not be bullied into silence and I was and am again here responding to unthinkable levels of abuse by him and his minions. Unthinkable.

I wrote a book he did not like and have had to endure a decade of his wrath and bullying. I do not have any aliases and do not “lurk” on Facebook groups. I have supporters who send things to me when they feel it deserves my response. This was how I learned about Eleanor Gribbin informing someone not to buy Affairs Valentino because it was the “workings of a mad woman”. There are many intelligent folks who appreciate Valentino who support our work. So I am “not alone” as Tracy Terhune so wishes I were. Far from it. In fact, I am less “alone” almost every day now and that makes me very pleased indeed.

There is little to respond to in Terhune's latest screed and continued attempts to bury my book... because the over riding issue which can not be the incredible hypocrisy he demonstrates in posting on that blog at all. I am being accused of hate speech and bullying by someone who is posting this on a blog which, since its inception 8 years ago, has been Tracy Terhune's personal and deceitful effort to divert my web traffic and threaten me with images of Satan, pigs, toilets, etc. while providing a platform for someone who was found guilty in a court of law of defaming me. This is incredible hypocrisy.

I will never be bullied into silence and until my dying breath I will stand up proudly to defend myself and my work and my loved ones. My response is just that and I was responding to be called a “mad woman” again and to the very public action to lie about me to impede my right to conduct a fair business.

I do not write hate speech, I do not attack these people's family members, I do not run blogs under their book's titles.

These are the tactics of Tracy Terhune who again has posted on his bully pulpit blog under my book's title.... to accuse me of exactly what he is doing and tell the world once again I am someone I am not and never have been and say I should be “canceled”. Who does he think he is... he is not the King of Valentino... So yes, I respond. I respond again and again and I will continue to do so.

I wonder if Eleanor Gribbin knows what it feels like for me to have had my very hard and honest work desecrated by sniggering liars who feel it is some kind of satisfying blood sport to write extremely offensive, false and often sexual and death-laden posts about me, my friends and my family members for over a decade.

I wonder if she knows, that in telling someone inquiring about my book Affairs Valentino, that it is “..the workings of a mad woman..” that she is now supporting those who I consider some of the most homophobic, misogynistic and cruel people on earth. I wonder if Eleanor Gribbin knows the pain of having to endure this kind of torture from those very people she appears to parrot.

Does she know what it was like for me and my loved ones to have to endure all those images of sexual and perverted scenarios which are still spread everywhere online about me... and most sadistically all of those hateful posts demeaning and insulting me personally, contorting my identity and the identity of my Rudolph Valentino biography...on a blog under the title of Affairs Valentino which is run by Tracy Terhune?

I read once that a defining aspect of a cult is the leader's control of literature. Cult leader's do not want their followers reading what they consider subversive literature which might undermine their authority and control. At all costs, this literature exposing them must be destroyed. Books get burned as they have done with ours.

If the cult leaders and their minions did not fear Affairs Valentino's powerful truth so very much, they would not be telling people lies about me or the book for a decade to prevent them from reading it. And yes they have been trying to stop Affairs Valentino for eleven years and counting. All of those folders Terhune shows on his bully blog which he likes to claim are full of my “hate speech”? They are just more of the same things I am writing here today and proof of just how long this has been going on. Those folders are full of my defense and my effort to salvage some truth about myself and Affairs Valentino.

In repeating the cult mantra that I am “a mad woman”, Eleanor Gribbin dove head first into the roiling vat of ten year's worth of putrifying, misogynistic, homophobic, sadistic, voyeuristic, violating and hateful posts made about me and Affairs Valentino and my husband... all made by her counter parts on a blog which I closed out of fear hoping they would all go away. She might think it is amusing to lie like she did, but I do not.

In light of the fact that most of the people who these sadists have targeted, were and still are women, it saddens me that any woman would have a thing to do with their endless misogyny.

I am a proud wife, mother, grandmother and I am proud of Affairs Valentino, I certainly am. And I am proud of my defense of myself no matter how wretchedly Tracy Terhune attempts to contort my words and responses into something they clearly are not.

Quite frankly, Tracy Terhune can not be credible at all while posting on that blog. That is pretty obvious.