Friday, July 17, 2020

Eleanor Gribbin Deletes Question About Affairs Valentino, "Hoopla"

I was informed that a woman... just embarking on her study of the life of Rudolph Valentino... posted an inquiry on the Facebook group run by Eleanor Gribbin. This woman posted an image of the cover of Affairs Valentino with the question, “What is all the hoopla about this book”?

I could answer that question point by point and feel I have over the past eleven years, on many blogs, and in a lawsuit even... but I will post as my answer a comment which is currently posted ( Italian with English translation below) on Renato's Facebook Group @

(Affairs Valentino) is..”A compelling book that I literally devoured in 3 days and that is now being read by my father. The book is the result of a titanic work of documentary research and intellectual courage. Anyone interested in objective and documented truths about Valentino's private life, buy this book and start what for me was a daring and compelling journey, far from the stereotypical narratives of boring and all equal biographies.”

Gribbin positions herself as administrator of a Facebook group on Valentino and what was her response to this woman's honest inquiry about Affairs Valentino?... she just deleted the post.

We know from Cindy Martin that Eleanor Gribbin conspires with Simon Constable, Tracy Ryan Terhune and Donna Hill in their years and years now of lying about and shunning of all of our books...and I will not hold her solely responsible for her rude deletion and censorship.

But I add Gribbin did delete an inquiry about the book Michael Morris was quoted as saying was, “The best written and best researched book on Rudolph Valentino.”

Why would she do that? No doubt because Affairs Valentino is true... and she, along with her team mates are loyalists to the Valentino family who control the ancient and very false narrative about Valentino's life; a version of the story in which the villains are heroes and the actual heroes the villains, a version which fails to report the facts of the story as told in court records and other documentation which the family had, and has, in their possession for decades and kept hidden from anyone's eyes.

Gribbin deletes an inquiry about the most documented and true book on Valentino and she does so to uphold the lies told about it... that is the hoopla. The hoopla being these people's desperate efforts to burn the book, bury it forever and hope no one reads it. But I must admit that when people do read it.. they know the truth and furthermore they know these people are straight up liars.

I hope this woman does read Affairs Valentino and judges for herself. Because on so many occasions over the years, people have contacted me after reading the book to say they specifically bought it and read it after they were told not to.

Gribbin's fast deletion just sold a book no doubt and while she feigns her righteousness and gains favor with the Valentino family... perhaps earning herself a Rudy shirt as a reward...... she bolsters her masquerade by allowing her followers to trash David Bret as if he is some great monster... She appears to distance herself from him completely but I wonder if those followers know she still permits David Bret to be a member of the group.. under his known alias, Albert Morris.... and "Mosko Bosko"..

I say to the censor Eleanor Gribbin.. she can not have it both ways. And if she were indeed someone with an honest interest in Valentino... and not an obedient shill of the Valentino family... she would be encouraging this woman to read the mighty book.

The book at the center of their insanely ridiculous hoopla!

It is all so medieval to burn books, Eleanor Gribbin. Did you know that in the late 1930's the Nazis were burning books to prevent their followers from reading what they considered subversive literature?...and while chuckling as you believed you heaved another copy of my book into the raging fire there... you were actually piquing someone's interest. So should I curse you or thank you?

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