Sunday, July 5, 2020

My Eternal Inspiration

My friend and companion Roger Burnett died thirty-three years ago yesterday. He was forty years old and he died of AIDs. Befitting the spiritual stature of this greatest of men, he died during the fireworks.

At his wake, his dear other, wore a t-Shirt from a New York City Independence Day celebration. The shirt had a graphic of fireworks and the word “Independence”.

We listened to Mahalia Jackson and then had an endless buffet of food made with love by his friends and family.

The world has ever since been a lesser place because he died. He was beloved and thirty-three years could be thirty-three minutes as far as my heart goes.

I share this because I am in awe that I have lived so many years beyond Roger, that at seventy-two years old I am writing this. I have now documented the soul of my soul, the angel who saw me through the desolation trail, my eternal inspiration and deepest sorrow.

Thanks for reading.
Love to you all.

His flower in celebration of his life... the Matilija Poppy

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