Monday, July 6, 2020

Eleanor Gribbin & David Bret/Albert Morris Together Again

Today I respond to a Tweet made by David Bret on July 2, 2020, in which he praises one Eleanor Gribbin for her deterring a prospective reader of my Valentino biography, Affairs Valentino by saying the book was, “the workings of a mad woman”. Calling me a “mad woman” is one of Bret's favored defamatory lies about me.

On July 2, he tweets:

“Eleanor Gribbin.. Whoever you are, wherever you are. I kneel to you. xxx"

I dispute Bret's feigning he does not know who Eleanor Gribbin is, because she once kicked him out of her group along with the following statement which she posted on February 3...a blaring meme headline (a graphic with flames) on her forum.

“Dear members, Anything written by David Bret is not welcome. Thank you, Eleanor.”

There are then twenty-three comments under this post. I reference but a few:

“There's only one place for DB's books.. the trash heap.”

To this response, Eleanor Gribbin posts an image of Snoopy in a movie theater seat eating popcorn enjoying the show.

Bret's work is then referred to as, “high octane fiction”, while Eleanor Gribbin responds with hearts and thank yous while adding how Bret writes with no research and bases his books on unsubstantiated rumors.

When someone comments Bret is a “boil on the ass of humanity and a vicious little trouble maker”, Eleanor Gribbin responds with a kiss emoji and “love it lol.”

Comments continue, as she moderates, with various comments saying Bret is a bully and a liar and a “big liar”.

So I have to ask:

Why would Bret pretend not to know the woman who kicked him off her forum? If he indeed does not then he might want to rethink his public notice of homage to her.

And why would she still allow him to be a member of the forum under his known alias, Albert Morris? Last I heard this was the case.

Why would Bret ever want to kneel before this woman who holds him in such low regard as to publicly post “love it lol” to her followers on her Facebook forum when they were debasing him and his books.?

Might ask Eleanor Gribbin and David Bret why.

I respond to them both and refute that my books are as Gribbin stated, “the workings of a mad woman” and I refute Bret's claim he does not know Eleanor Gribbin. Ridiculous.

I want to make it perfectly clear I am not randomly “attacking” innocent people by posting a defense of myself and our work. I post to respond to the vicious, defamatory lies made about me, my work and my husband's fine work... by these known bullies and their continuing and very public effort to impugn our integrity and impede our right to conduct business.

I respond to these people's unwarranted attacks against us and believe anyone would do the same if such lies were being spread about them online and for years.

I will never be bullied into silence.