Wednesday, July 1, 2020

A Few Stories Went Untold

The two young people in the image below, Bob and Bunny Ullman would collaborate with me on Affairs Valentino. They worked hard in this effort as they pored through documents and met with me many times to answer my one million questions. 

There were a few personal stories I heard from them which they asked me not to include in the book. One of these was a touching account by Bunny describing her father caring for their mother after her surgeries to have a lung and then ribs removed due to her tuberculosis. I found it powerful but she requested I leave it a private story. 

Bob Ullman also requested I not include a story he told me... This involved his telling me that his father carried a gun. The story continues... when George Ullman came home one day, he  set his gun on the dining room table. Of course without his father knowing, Bob's older brother Dan removed the bullets from the gun and replaced them with blanks. He then had his little brother Bob put on a heavy overcoat and positioned him against a fence in the back yard... he then proceeded to shoot him. It was a different time I guess and Bob said his father was furious when he discovered this happened. Another story which did not make it in Affairs Valentino. 

I think the photo below was probably taken around 1948 because Bunny was born in 1928 and appears to be about 20 here. I owe a great deal to these two thoroughly engaging and entertaining people. 

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