Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Open letter to Tracy Ryan Terhune from Renato Floris

With the great Roman statesman Cicero, I want to say; “Quousque tandem abutere, Tracy, patientia nostra?”

Translated for you, “For how much longer, Tracy, do you intend to try our patience?”

I have always wanted to avoid direct dialogues with you; you who insult me, mock me for my age and make fun of me. You who make fun of me, calling me “Childstar72”, because as a boy I was lucky, yes lucky, to participate as a child actor in the first Italian television studios. I was a real little pioneer, a past that I'm really proud of!

Tracy, as is your habit, after having hidden a post you were certainly not proud of, or maybe because of the presence of the fastidious post I wrote, you reverted to attack by saying you have nothing against Evelyn's book and, in general, against my publications. Nothing could be more ridiculous and foolish; nothing more false and hypocritical!

And you say this on a blog you run under the title of the book, Affairs Valentino, which you claimed you "loved" so much; a book upon which you, along with your intellectually dishonest buddy David Bret, spit out your poisons.

You tell us that you "appreciate" our books and display them wrapped in protective plastic cases. This is because for you they are not books to read but pieces in a collection of objects related to Rudolph Valentino. While you display them as objects of value, you tell people they are “trash fiction”. Which is it?

You are well aware our books, all of them, possess great value. This is because our books are printed, also thanks to your malicious interventions, in limited numbers and it is for this reason you well know they are more precious.

You try to act like the little angel, saying you don't want anyone harmed. This you have oddly repeated and once notably in a Facebook message to Bret (see link below) which you submitted to the court some years ago. And in this same message to Bret, now public record, you tell Bret how you get a good laugh reading his scurrilous and poisonous, death obsessed comments about Evelyn. To this you assure Bret you don't want anyone harmed?

In that publicly available document you go on to give Bret instructions on how to lie in his posts; on this occasion you are telling him about the trial of a young woman who fell, to her great misfortune, under your claws.

In this document you tell Bret all the details of her legal case and tell him he should report the developments of the case but not to say that you were the one who sent him the information. 

You go on to tell Bret he should say that it was the court clerk who, kindly, told him about the legal proceedings. Anyone who believes that any court clerk would report such information to Bret is probably someone who believes in the existence of elves and unicorns.

To see that document and read more about this, I refer you to the post in this same blog.

Well, then what is it now Tracy, that you are complaining about? The mythical Forewarning of the first edition of Affairs Valentino and again and again and again. Regarding the Forewarning, I will repeat this fact until the end of my days; this was a report of exactly what happened in the year 2010, when Bret was posting every day that Evelyn was involved in drugs and that she was having sex with her deceased father and so on. Is this what you found so funny, you laughed?

Of course Evelyn was angry, who wouldn't be. Take any of those wicked posts, insert your name instead of Evelyn's, that of your father instead of that of Evelyn's father and you certainly won't be smiling.

And for how long was that notorious Forewarning available; only 10 maybe 15 days in the spring of 2011.

I will not repeat what I have previously said about the forewarning because I have already done so in a previous post. 

A final consideration for you, from the date of the release of the forewarning to today, almost 10 years have passed. How long will it take you, Tracy Ryan Terhune to stop whining about something that perhaps irritated you because you recognized yourself in the albeit anonymous descriptions.

Do you not realize how ridiculous you appear in continuing, like a capricious child, to stomp your feet on the ground because you believe someone has offended you? The best thing you could do is to close the blog you use to insult and defame Evelyn and myself, give it back to who created it and go and live your life and let us escape from this Twilight Zone scenario.

Quousque tandem, Tracy? How long?