Thursday, July 23, 2020

They Would Have to Admit

Despite the years I have spent in my life issuing every possible defense I could to tell the world the lies about us are just that... I do not hold those lower level liars completely responsible for the horror they inflict on us.

Despite Tracy Terhune's order to ghost us, he does the opposite and continues to run that blog under my book's title. If he was speaking the truth about ghosting and “canceling us” as he said... then he would close that blog immediately.

But who tells him what to do? The following is my analysis of how that works based upon my observations made over a few decades of my life and my personal experiences.

I present my thesis that it is the Alberto Valentino family and their spokeswoman Jeanine Villalobos who hold the seat of power and that Tracy Terhune, David Bret, Eleanor Gribbin, Simon Constable, Donna Hill and Cindy Martin do their dirty work.

They are the ones who act publicly on her and the family's behalf while they keep their noses clean.. as the expression goes.

Any argument from the Alberto Valentino family alleging this not to be true would require an explanation for and an admission to the following:

They would have to admit that they told collector Self not to speak with me further. This was in 2003 and I was at the time conducting interviews with him for Affairs Valentino.

They would have to admit that they told me in Turin after my speech at the Convegno Valentino that if I dared to publish the S. George Ullman memoir, they would release incriminating information about Ullman. They did not release this incriminating material because it does not exist.

They would have to admit that when Michael Morris told only them that I was living in Turin, then on the Piazza Vittorio... within hours David Bret had that information and wrote that I was in Turin and he then thanked his spy, whose name was “Vittorio”.

They would have to admit that they swapped one of Rudy's shirts for a case of stolen government documents to prevent them from being publicly available. Donna Hill told me this and I now have confirmation from Cindy Martin. William Self also wrote this to me in an e-mail.

They would have to admit they refused in writing to be interviewed for Affairs Valentino.

They would have to admit they refused to return Michael Morris' materials despite his threatening legal action to retrieve them.

They would have to admit that throughout the entire time Tracy Terhune and David Bret have been flooding the internet with defamatory lies about us and our work, they said absolutely nothing. They would have to admit that this was and is today just fine with them. And in light of all of the experiences I have had in this regard...I do not buy for one second that they are above this fray and have no interest.

They would have to admit that they are just fine with letting someone like Tracy Terhune continue to emcee that burlesque vaudeville show next to Valentino's coffin... every year.

So I don't hold the “team” entirely responsible for their obedience. I saw the look on William Self's face the day he said Jeanine told him he could not meet with me anymore. He enjoyed gabbing with me about Rudolph Valentino and was not happy he was told by the family to shut up. He looked uncharacteristically sheepish. But since it appeared most of his collection had to be purchased back by them and their hench people..after his death....maybe he found a way to be free of their tyranny and have the last laugh anyway.

What are they hiding? Why has the family gone to these lengths to stop Affairs Valentino by being a silent bystander while the “team" heads out for another day of cyber bullying to gain favor with the DNA and who knows... be rewarded with a Rudy shirt? Some photographs?