Thursday, July 16, 2020

The Ivanovitch Portrait of Blavatsky

The painting of Helena Petrovna Blavatksy (below) by Paul Ivanovitch was installed originally in the Hudnut chateau on the French Riviera in a room dedicated to her. Ivanovitch was a resident artist at the chateau during the summer of 1926 and painted many family portraits as well as one of Natacha Rambova's friend and psychic George Wehner. The portrait of Wehner I have yet to find.

One day while I was living in Los Angeles, Michael Morris visited and said he had a surprise for me. He took me to a large complex of buildings on Los Feliz Boulevard; The Philosophical Research Society. Michael escorted me into a rather dark room and there it was... the portrait of Blavatsky which I wrote about in the opening section of Affairs Valentino. 

I took this picture of the painting that day and the light was not great but it was just as imposing as I believed it to be. 

From the hilltop above Juan les Pins to Los Feliz Boulevard in Los Angeles, the painting seemed to have survived the years and the trip in fine fashion. 

More about this time in Natacha Rambova's life, Paul Ivanovitch and life at the Hudnut chateau in Astral Affairs Rambova. As far as I know, the painting is still housed here: