Thursday, July 2, 2020

Eleanor Gribbin Lies About Me and Affairs Valentino to Impede My Right to do Business & My Right to Tell the Truth About Rudolph Valentino

I respond:

It has come to my attention that Eleanor Gribbin posted on her Facebook group that Affairs Valentino is the "workings of a mad woman". In doing this, she participates in the defamatory lie that I am insane... waged against me by those trying to prevent people from reading my work. 

I dispute this 100% and say this statement is not made as an opinion as in "I think".. or "Perhaps"... but she makes this statement as fact which constitutes defamation. 

Those who have actually read my book, Affairs Valentino have had nothing but praise for the long and meticulous labor which was involved in its creation. 

I think all of our books are testament to my sanity which I do not have to defend. If anything Gribbin's calling me insane... says more about her than me. It is not a nice thing to do. It is a bold face lie and extremely mean-spirited. And in these times, I find it highly offensive that she would use the subject of mental illness as a means to demean and bully someone. 

Eleanor Gribbin takes another cheap shot at me and Affairs Valentino when she very publicly impedes our right to do business. She openly discouraged someone from reading the book based on her insult that I am insane. Who does things like this?

I call for her immediate retraction of that crass low blow. She might not like Affairs Valentino, but as someone who claims an interest in Valentino she can certainly recognize the sources and the ground-breaking documentation, as well as the thorough testimonies of the Ullman and Mennillo families... as being definitive and solid. I personally doubt Gribbin even read Affairs Valentino. 

I add to all readers that we are now posting audio files of me reading Affairs Valentino, chapter by chapter on our You tube channel.. So Gribbin's efforts to convince people interested in Valentino from reading the most "well documented and well written" book on the man (I quote Michael Morris) are ultimately as pointless as they are deplorable. People can now listen and judge for themselves. 

I can assure readers that I am not insane and the book... yes it took a long time because it was that important. Read and listen for yourselves to find out just out ridiculously hell-bent these people are, including Eleanor Gribbin, to lie and defame me and our work just to prevent anyone from knowing how important the Affairs Valentino story is. 

Her calling me "mad" to deter a potential reader is now part of the collective body of evidence which stands as proof of a campaign to lie about me and our work and impede our legal right to do business in a fair way. Shameful behavior. But as the saying goes... haters gonna hate... but when the hater is openly and quite publicly deterring our right to do business it becomes a different matter entirely. 

Here is the link to the audio Affairs Valentino: