Sunday, June 7, 2020

Renato on the Subject of Repetition

Message redundancy! One of the most important rules of communication is this: the repetition of the message. This is a highly-used practice to grant the widest possible visibility to what you want to say.

As silent film director Eisenstein said, first of all it is important to have something to say and then say it and then to say you said it many, many times. This, because the message must be redundant in order to be received with absolute certainty by the public you want to reach.

However, there is an intrinsic limit to redundancy. It cannot transform lies into truth and lies remain lies even if repeated aggressively just as Tracy Ryan Terhune and David Bret certainly do about us. 

Repetition is a common behavior in childhood. For example, when a child desperately repeats to his mother that his little brother has done something spiteful to him and then, until the offender is punished, the child stomps his feet while repeating incessantly that he was the victim.

Here, however, we are speaking about adults, people who should behave maturely and have a little intellectual honesty. We are speaking about people who should therefore stop repeating lies into the wind.

But if they have convinced themselves they are not lying, then they will never return to stand in the land of truth... because it is now probable that their minds are clouded by the mantric repetition of their self-generated and exhaustive lies.

Perhaps our hope that they will recuperate some truthfulness is delusional, and the only thing left to do is to let them lie, lie, lie their way into a desert of total oblivion.

I notice that Tracy Ryan Terhune and David Bret try to ridicule me because at my old age at 73.. to date, every now and then I use terms and expressions which might not be so common. David Bret claims I do this to give the illusion of having an IQ higher than two digits.

This is another huge mistake on his behalf because erudition or better, culture have little to do with an IQ. It has much more to do with one's education and the familial environment in which they grew up and acquired sensitivities.

And unlike Jean-Baptiste Grenouille, who developed a wonderful and refined sense of smell for perfumes after being born in the fish market of Paris, Tracy Terhune and David Bret, who were apparently born into their fish market of lies... have yet to develop any sense for the truth.. and are doomed to remain wandering in the stinking fog generated by their repeated lies.

I also note that in the latest delusional posts by these two, published on the blog they run under the title of Evelyn's book, there are some posts by David Bret signed with his pseudonym Joey Jenkinson. David Bret, always claiming so sincerely that he has never used pseudonyms, does exactly that in those posts.

Even if is nightmarish to be repeatedly insulted, ridiculed and lied about by Tracy Ryan Terhune and David Bret, I prefer to live my life according to this saying by the great Titus Lucretius Carus:

             "Sed nil dulcius est, bene quam munita tenere edita doctrina sapientum templa serena, despicere unde queas alios passimque videre errare atque viam palantis quaerere vitae, certare ingenio, contendere nobilitate, noctes atque dies niti praestante labore ad summas mergere opes rerumque potiri." 

This is a simple translation of this above passage:

“Nothing is more delightful than to exist within an ideal of the lofty sanctuary serene, well fortified by the knowledge of the wise, from where you are able to look down upon others who are confused, wandering here and there trying to find their path in life, while they struggle to be smarter and more important than the others and labor night and day to mount some pinnacle of riches and power.”

No matter how many times Tracy Ryan Terhune and David Bret lie about Evelyn and I, their lies will never be truth. I choose to remain in my lofty serene sanctuary which is always well fortified by the truth.