Sunday, June 14, 2020

My Response to Dallas Martin's Comment Left on This Blog

Today, June 13, 2020, I discovered the comment left to me by one Dallas Martin on this blog some time ago. I address his attempt to wound me and shock me and respond to his accusations. I hope this serves to clarify his obvious confusion over the entire issue.

I feel it is worth sharing some history here regarding his mother Ms. Cindy Martin for his enlightenment. Before I go any further I will clarify one point. Mr. D. Martin accuses me, in a most denigrating way, of being “obsessed with Valentino”. Well I am obsessed... but not with Valentino but with the truth; the truth about the research I uncovered. Such was the reaction to this research that a little band of obviously obsessed people... which included his mother... attacked me and the book mercilessly. This because they were frantic to cover up for some stolen records and protecting the decades of lying by the Valentino family.

In this regard, I considered them all shills for the family truthfully.

I reiterate I did request to interview the Valentino family for Affairs Valentino and they refused my request. I was very disappointed about that... but so great was their fury that I managed to find George Ullman's children and his memoir written in 1975, (which they had in their possession for decades and said absolutely nothing about publicly) that I guess instead of meeting with me they set out to kill the messenger via their mongrel surrogates.

So no, Mr. D. Martin, I have never been nor currently am obsessed with Valentino. I wrote my book and honestly would have moved on had it not been immediately required of me to defend myself day and night; so great was the tremendous onslaught of vicious and very sick attacks.

Mr. Martin accuses me of blackmailing his mother. I am not sure how that works in this case because we never asked her for a thing. She volunteered to write a letter to the British court about David Bret on our behalf. We have never said... “do this or else” to her and she volunteered everything she shared with us. Nor did she ever tell us not to use what she wrote to us to support our case. She gave us all of this to support us and did so voluntarily. No one forced her to do a thing.

And Mr. Martin seems offended we doubt his existence. I can only relate this to my own situation. If someone doubted my existence I might be amused... but I would certainly have no reason to respond with fury and I have many ways to prove my existence to someone concerned over that. Mr. Martin proves nothing to date.

So the history of Ms. Cindy Martin in regards to us is basically this.

Some time around 2013 a gentleman named Dom Caruso was running a sizable Valentino Facebook group. Renato joined upon his request and they were friendly and exchanged many a message.

Dom Caruso had a phrase, “The Unholy Four”. This was his phrase, he coined it and he told us he was referring to Donna Hill, Tracy Terhune, David Bret and Jeanine Villalobos. At one point Dom began to refer to the “Unholy Three”. I asked him which one of the unholy team he had eliminated and he never replied. He vanished but not before he deleted Renato from his group with no explanation.

I knew he previously deleted Donna Hill from the group and had almost zero respect for Tracy Terhune and David Bret so we assumed he meant Villalobos; especially as Renato was deleted from the group when previously he was welcome.

It was some time later, maybe even a year later when a Cindy Martin appeared to be the main administrator of the page. We had no idea who she was, had never seen her on any Facebook groups, but she came on board to run Dom Caruso's group with a tremendous and immediate authority.

It was apparent she was working with the other Unholy trio in trying to impede our right to do business and desecrate us and our work.

By the time I finished Michael Morris' book Beyond Valentino, she was in full force attack mode and telling people I never knew Michael Morris, that I took advantage of his family after his death and that he did not write the book. She trashed the launch of Michael Morris' last work.

She also bragged how she was instrumental in having our books removed from sale, accused me of forging the court records, told many people our lawsuit against David Bret never existed and contributed in great measure to the defamation on that hate blog Terhune and Bret run under my book's title.

When Ms. Cindy Martin wrote Renato some time ago and to our surprise confessed to a great deal and revealed much to us about the campaign to ruin us by Terhune and Bret... we were extremely grateful and still are. We never cut any deals, bargained with her or pressured her into anything.

Mr. D. Martin can not change who we are. His denigrating remarks are just that. No matter how bungled up in his fury he is, it changes nothing about us or our actions. We defend ourselves against senseless attacks and always will.

The comment he left for me on this blog speaks much more about one Dallas Martin than it does about us. Defending your mother is admirable, but not when it involves debasing people she has aggressively and very publicly attacked. It is not admirable when it involves lashing out at two people who have been forced to endure one of the most heinous and long lasting cyberbullying assaults... of which his mother participated.

To him I say. I have been under constant attack by these people since 2003, and point out that he is defending people who sit on stolen court documents and who have lied for decades to cover up a miscarriage of justice and a completely false version of Rudolph Valentino's history.

This is about history and not obsession young man. Know the difference. I wrote history based on a great deal of exciting new discovery and if they, Dom Caruso's “Unholy Trio”, had left Affairs Valentino alone long ago... it might have come and gone relatively unnoticed. Their unending burning of our books has only drawn attention to the blaze they create.

I will not post the comment left for me on this blog by Dallas Martin because it was extremely rude, offensive and cruel. Perhaps his mother could be a bit more forthcoming about her moments of clarity when she opened up and did the right thing to stop a terrible act being perpetuated against us. It was heroic of her and I only wished she had stayed the course and assumed the role of hero in this horrible saga. She certainly had the power and could have seized the moment.