Friday, June 19, 2020

Please Tell This to the Honorable Judge

David Bret can not stop repeating the lie that I once called him a rapist, etc. I respond again for the one millionth time, to say he can take that one out of his cult hate arsenal now and once and for always.

I never called him a rapist and he knows that. He knows that because I have an email he sent to me apologizing for thinking I did such a thing and he blamed someone he called Chris A. Wagenti. (everything about Chris A. Wagenti and more will be in my forthcoming book "Die, Evelyn Zumaya, Die")

Now I consider myself a fairly intelligent person, but for the life of me I could not understand his subsequent explanation for the Wagenti lie. It was so convoluted and ridiculous and a few years later he tried to resurrect that lie but he forgot he originally created his fictional character as Chris A. Wagenti and referred to him as a woman he called Christina Wagenti. He must have read that “A.” wrong.

When I pointed out his mistake he dropped the subject but from then on he decided to not only call me homophobic a billion times a day but clackety, clack, clack, clack on his keyboard claiming that I called him a rapist a billion times a day. So to David Bret I say I am not nor ever have been amused by that lie which you vomit on a daily basis. I am the wrong person to be so sadistically tortured by you on that subject at all.

The only person I have ever called a rapist was the man who raped me when I was eleven years old.

And I hope David Bret prints this blog post out to take with him to bankruptcy court in a few weeks. He has done this in the past to try, and with zero success, to convince the court he is my victim. I hope he does so with this post...because I would like the judge to feel the pain he causes people through my words.

David Bret is headed into bankruptcy court because he lost the lawsuit we filed against him and he is refusing to comply with the verdict or pay us one dime of the awarded damages which are long overdue. He owes Renato and I a total of 44,274.01 Pounds, which is $54,682.83. U.S dollars and this includes all calculated interest to the date of this post.

I hope the judge will recognize how difficult it has been for us to attempt to stop the horror that is David Bret... and how long a journey it has been through courtrooms in three countries to try and make him stop attacking us or anyone else online ever again.

I would implore a judge to make this man pay for his misdeeds and as atonement for the cruelty to all the women he has done this to over the years.

And I would thank the bankruptcy judge for their compassion and for the part they will play in this very long trail to justice.

Everything David Bret posts online about me is a lie. Everything. I would tell the judge to please make this man pay.