Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Renato Floris Responds to Tracy Ryan Terhune and David Bret's Defamatory Lies

Tracy Terhune continues to accuse us of bullying him and his sycophants, and does this from the lines of a blog under the title "Affairs Valentino", targeting the book written by Evelyn. He could not be more wrong.

By definition bullying is: 

Bullying is the use of force, coercion, or threat, to abuse, aggressively dominate or intimidate. Bullying is a subcategory of aggressive behavior characterized by the following three minimum criteria: (1) hostile intent, (2) imbalance of power, and (3) repetition over a period of time. Bullying is the activity of repeated, aggressive behavior intended to hurt another individual, physically, mentally, or emotionally.

This is an exact description of what they have done and continue to do to us.

I address point by point Tracy Ryan Terhune's contrived attempt to accuse us of bullyism.

1- Evelyn was invited by the University of Turin to lecture about Rudolph Valentino's sexuality. She shared her discoveries which were largely a consequence of careful research of the literature dedicated to the sexuality of the star.

A brief part of the conference was dedicated to this careful critical analysis of some of the most popular texts on Valentino's alleged homosexuality. The audience was not at all surprised by this as this was precisely the theme of her lecture, "Valentino's sexuality" and nothing else. Among other things, this was a topic requested by and approved by the University of Turin.

Evelyn did not expose her own points of view at all but the results of a careful research free from any prejudice. She was certainly not there attacking other authors and was participating in a conference with her respected "colleagues" in a serious manner giving a presentation before other authors of works on Valentino.

Tracy Terhune's accusation is enormous nonsense because there is no corporate rule that prevents authors from criticizing, with clear evidence, the works of "colleagues". She did criticize the text of some,“colleagues”, who with their behavior manifest superficiality and write without precise references or sources and with no intellectual honesty.

Among other things, Michael Morris was well aware of Evelyn's research on this subject as he was a member of the scientific committee of the conference. Tracy Ryan Terhune, who has dedicated a blog for many years with the sole intent to demolish Evelyn's work, is preaching about courtesies between authors and proper criticisms? Come on! How extremely hypocritical of him and he should be ashamed of just saying it. At most, he can preach about his rudeness to other authors and play Truffle but better he keep silent.

Evelyn never attacked David Bret in her speech but critiqued his work with literary evidence and asked for his sources which he did not have and does not have. In addition, Evelyn has never reiterated criticisms of Bret's work because over the years she has only been defending herself from Bret's treacherous and defamatory attacks. Because for her, her work ended there in that conference room and all because Bret's infantile, wounded ego has kept a truly hyper-stressing situation alive.

Evelyn did not put the conference online, the University uploaded all the conference speeches and the conference videos are property of the University of Turin.

2 - Evelyn has never published ridiculous David Bret images; do not confuse actions done by other people. For years he and Tracy Terhune tried to merge Evelyn with someone else and blame her for actions done by them.

3 - Perhaps Terhune and Bret have never had cats and do not know that cats, in doing their needs, are very reserved and no cat has urinated or defecated on a book or Bret's book. At the time Evelyn posted that image in jest she was trying to cope with Bret writing everyday how she was having sex with her father's corpse and he and Terhune were spreading lies everywhere online that she had a drug history and did cocaine. They fail to even mention what they were doing to inspire some response from her. She was trying to deal with this highly stressed situation.

4 - The videos put online by Evelyn and I were a fierce defense against Bret's defamatory actions and those of his cronies, nothing more. "The Team" is certainly not Evelyn's invention as that is the signature of years of highly offensive and defamatory attacks in another blog which they all linked to. Anyone can request the link to our defense videos, of which neither I nor Evelyn are ashamed. They are her brave defense. And she did not like making those videos or want to make them.
5 - Regarding the crypt ceremony it is not possible to make even the slightest nice criticism because although Tracy Ryan Terhune can criticize all others tremendously and brag about that...on that subject his victims, must devotedly keep silent.
6- Regarding the mythical and for Terhune a very threatening lunch we had in 2014...in North Hollywood; we were guests of our relatives who at the time lived in Van Nuys. We did not even remotely imagine that we could be eating so close to Tracy Ryan Terhune. If we had known we would have certainly avoided any possible unpleasant crossings and we would have kindly declined the invitation. Evelyn posted many pictures of herself on her blog during our trip that year from the Los Angeles Hall of Records to some taken in Amsterdam.

7- Evelyn has opened several blogs, but only and always to defend herself from Bret's low attacks and sinister company. And, I repeat, the much desecrated Forewarning was nothing more than a report of facts that really happened and statements that were actually heard.

8 - Regarding the person who said she was bullied by Evelyn because she was vegan sometime in 2011; this is ridiculous. Evelyn would never, never do this after having been a vegetarian and vegan herself for many years. She would have never dreamed of making fun of anyone because she was vegan. And regarding the blog "Boycott David Bret", Evelyn has never participated in that blog and has never approved it. Evelyn and I have great respect for other people's choices in life.

9 - We have never, ever bullied Cindy Martin. This is a shameful lie and indeed we can only thank her for having revealed, for a certain period, the maneuvers of a pact of bullies created only with the intention to harm us.

10 - Regarding our online presence trying to have some truth known, I repeat we would like to be able to use our time in more rewarding activities than having to defend ourselves endlessly against unjust attacks which are always full of malice.

The evidence of their bullying us is not a few perceived insults from a decade ago... it is a daily aggressive action and has been for 10 years. They hang on to perceived insults which happened a decade ago which are grossly exaggerated and false. When their disgusting actions have been captured in thousands of screen shots with many of these now being public record from the defamation lawsuit Evelyn filed and won against David Bret.

I conclude by reiterating that attacking a person's honest research and resulting book with lies and on a blog having the title of that person's book and then boasting of being the first on the list of searches on google for that book... this is not only absolutely wrong but it is pure and simple CYBER BULLYING!

We state again, we do not bully anyone and never have. 

If David Bret and Tracy Ryan Terhune want to be the bully police and find some real bullies, they don't have to go far, just look in the closest mirror!

According to all the evidence and every definition, they are shameful bullies!