Thursday, June 11, 2020

Images for "Rudolph Valentino's Ghost, The Italian Buddhist & More" Podcast Episode!

The following images accompany our podcast episode which can be listened to @

The Conklin Castle in Binghamton, New York  where the Reverend Carol E. McKinstry alleged she transcribed a movie scenario from Rudolph Valentino's ghost. 

Reverend McKinstry in her writing room in the Conklin Castle. 

Several poses demonstrating her spiritual writing process. 

Reverend McKinstry and Rudolph Florentino in 1949

The Venerable Lokanatha walking on women's hair in the days before the seance at Falcon Lair in 1948.

The Venerable Lokanatha

Ms. Gypsy Buys

A note from Lokanatha to his hosts, Gypsy & Gerry Buys