Thursday, June 4, 2020

Defending Us One More Time Against Tracy Terhune and David Bret's Lies

I have been forced by Tracy Ryan Terhune and David Bret to respond to their disgusting and sadistic attacks against me, my husband Renato and our books for eleven years now. I am sorry to have to do so again today, but I vow to do nothing less until my dying breath (which I know they so eagerly anticipate).

I respond because what they get away with on that blog they run under my book's title to divert my web traffic to find their filth... is a crime and my responding is my way of telling the world what they are doing and have done to us without cessation.

My responding is also to focus attention on Tracy Terhune's abhorrent and underhanded campaign to bury a book he did not like, Affairs Valentino and destroy us. This has been confirmed in detail to us by someone who at one point was a part of their campaign, Ms. Cindy Martin. I also draw attention to Tracy Terhune's nearly a decade of effort now to sadistically torture us by running his designated hate Affairs Valentino blog which he fills with vile name-calling of us and wicked and insulting accusations as well as where he demonstrates his tacit approval of and promotion of David Bret.

In their latest joint post on that designated hate blog they run under my book's title... Tracy Terhune again and so feebly I might add.. holds up as so-called “proof” George Ullman sold something Valentino once owned in a private sale... in his cheesy effort to impugn Ullman...this man, Valentino's closest friend and trusted business manager, who sacrificed so very much for the sake of the Valentino family.....

...and again with Bret chiming in behind his master...while sadly holding out hope that someone, anyone... will still believe his lie that Valentino was gay... with his citing of yet another of his sources as being an, “unpublished” rare manuscript; this time by Robert Florey. Well it was not so unpublished and much more about that “source” very soon.

Both of these men collaborate still and have over years and years in a mind-boggling display both in content and quantity of cyber-bullying, stalking and trolling of us...doing everything they accuse us of doing. Linking back and forth between their various hate blogs about us which they have run over the years, they revel in their name-calling and no where is this more offensive than in calling us homophobic.

This when their actions in wielding the subject of homophobia to frivolously impugn people they don't like, is the height of homophobia. I consider David Bret one of the most homophobic people I have ever had the misfortune of knowing about and Terhune supporting this action by providing a platform for him makes him 100% complicit... and in such things as calling Father Michael Morris, “Padre Liberace” and repeatedly using the word lesbian to demean.

Bret's themes of Hitler, perverted sexual themes, my deceased father and his tremendous lies about me having a drug history and run-ins with the police and worse for eleven long years... have all been presented to the world as a perfect and nightmarish blend with Terhune's threats and ominous satanic images... with his screaming messages in capital red letters, such as, “DO YOU THINK I AM BLUFFING?” as he vowed once to sue me into oblivion as he did with someone else who dared to cross his path. More about that soon too.

What a team from hell these two are for us as they continue with their recruits... those loyal to their cause of calling their victims names including bullies, homophobes, hitlerian...while sniggering over our impending deaths... with their tick tocking...? How long must this go on?

Terhune feels compelled to cite ad nausea, Valentino's handyman as a “source” when it has been proven again and again and in detail how handyman Lou Mahoney lied about many things and told very tall tales, i.e. his brother did not found the Cinema Finance Company, i.e., he did in fact own and run the dry cleaning business, i.e. he was never Valentino's manager, etc. I have covered this in detail in our handyman podcast episode and in Affairs Valentino.

As no book on Valentino ever mentioned this lowly member of the Valentino household staff, Lou Mahoney, at all and as in not even once... until Lou wrote himself into the story... he is scarcely a credible source about the Valentino history.

He created his story with reckless abandon and an absolute disrespect for the truth. Mahoney gained his esteemed role in Terhune's version of the fractured tale when he absconded with that mother lode of Valentino's possessions from Falcon Lair after the star's death... which Terhune now owns.

Mahoney created his character in the story when he granted interviews and made those taped memoirs which are so very inaccurate. Terhune seems to ignore all the data I brought forth, the court records and even Lou's own testimony.. and keeps repeating the words of Mahoney as gospel. Oh brother, they are not.

And if Terhune wants to impugn Ullman based on a private sale of a Valentino artifact... Wow. I think he needs to look to his own back yard before passing any judgment on that. How outrageously hypocritical of him.

Again in responding today, I reiterate that whatever Terhune and Bret post on that blog under my book's title is by default bullying of us because of the history of that blog and what these two men have done there and continue to do.

I find it nearly unbelievable that David Bret, the man who was found guilty of defaming me in an Italian court, the man who Cindy Martin said Terhune feared would ever be physically on US soil... continues with an apparent total lack of pride to support Terhune's bully blog with his groveling comments.

One of the worst things about being terrorized by these two men all these years... because I wrote a book on Rudolph Valentino titled Affairs Valentino.... was that Terhune and Bret recruited; recruited each other, recruited other people in their “Campaign to Ruin Evelyn” as Ms. Cindy Martin told us they refer to it...

Bret put out his call for someone to help him in his worthy cause of terrorizing me on his Facebook page in 2010 , several times actually...and did so front and center. He specifically called out for people to put him in touch with Tracy Ryan Terhune to help “put this woman down”.

Apparently there was an instant bond between them when they did connect... instant. Now knowing what we would be going through at the hands of these two men over the subsequent ten years... it was a match made in hell. One of them obsessed with satan, satan, satan and the other obsessed with death, sex and gore.

The collaboration of these two men was loudly blessed by the silence of the Valentino family... and assisted throughout by various “molls on the sidelines” as my friend Father Michael Morris called them... those who spied and gathered information to pass along.

For there has always been a coven of acolytes dutifully worshiping at the altar of Tracy Terhune's Valentino relics. Because this is his power and in my opinion his only draw. If he had not the funds and had not purchased as much of Valentino's earthly belongings as he could get his hands on... what position would he hold? In my opinion it would certainly not be won by his personality. He knows fans of Valentino swoon over the man's relics and this is what he has.

These acolytes have been ever-changing over the years, people roped into the obedient and unquestioning cult mentality... which Ms. Martin, when she briefly parted ways with them...referred to as a “mob mentality”.... Where I grew up... recruiting people to help you do harm to someone else is called, “ganging up” on someone.

It is not really rocket science to see how Terhune and Bret “ganged up on us” and I guess ever since they first realized they had something in common; their maniacal hatred for the truth about Valentino's story...their maniacal hatred of me, of Renato and a maniacal desire to ruin us and bury Affairs Valentino forever. I know this all sounds over the top and extreme but it is exactly what has happened and is happening to us.

They are the “barbaric opposition” which was referred to by Tony Bonn, publisher of The American Chronicle... in his review of Affairs Valentino, which I excerpt on the back cover of the book. 

Why would they do this? For many reasons.... but their prime reasons for being so offended could be that in Affairs Valentino I explain: Rudolph Valentino “became” gay because of a hoax perpetuated by a homophobic porn fiction author who wanted to exploit homosexuality as something titillating to sell his salacious books.

...I explain with documents how George Ullman was the hero of the story and how Alberto Valentino squandered the Valentino estate funds and lied for years about the facts of the settlement of the estate while wrongly impugning Ullman, etc.

… I explain how collectors control the false narrative for the family in return for relics.

….I discovered copies of the case file of court records which the family and collectors have tried to hide from public access

...I told the story of Terhune's Saint Mahoney... and revealed his role in the disappearance of the second page of Valentino's will... and how his silence ruined Ullman's life.

It has not been an easy environment in which to work, knowing these two poison pens are twirling their mustaches, with the damsel already tied to the railroad tracks and the train whistling around the bend. Since as far back as 2010, I have been doxed, stalked, defamed and tortured with thousands of posts such as just this one from David Bret which is public record:

And as much as Terhune tried for a few years to hide his working with Bret, the documentation has presented itself that he sure was. Such as this post by Bret which is again public court record.

I know they are reading this blog, because they respond to nearly everything I post here. It is tempting to write to them directly in the first person but I refuse to converse with the devils.