Monday, June 8, 2020

I Call Him Out

I ask what kind of monster would someone be... if they stole an author's title to their book... a book this author worked on for 15 years and then used that title to open a blog under that title and then spend the subsequent eight years destroying any shred of truth about that book or its author on that blog?

What kind of monster would one be... if over those eight years they managed to take over the number one search on Google for that author's book... and direct all traffic seeking information about that book to find horrendous and gross things, images and manifestos.. unrelated to anything true about that author or book?

What kind of monster would then brag openly how they were impeding this author's right to do business by winning over their Google search in order to lie about the author and their book?

What kind of monster would then have the audacity to call their victim a bully and act like they are being bullied when that author fights back?

That kind of monster? Check out his Affairs Valentino blog. You will not be impressed I will guarantee that.

And is this post, in which I express my honest anger over his very public and continuing sadistic eight years of torturing me, Renato and our books... is this bullying? No, it is not, never was and never will be...It is my defense 100%...I call out this monster who very publicly does... every single thing I am saying he does. It is no secret, nothing he seems in the slightest shy about bragging about?

He brags and gloats about stealing my Google search to do me harm... that is admitting to it and my god I have to fight back.

It is disgusting that he tries to weasel out of responsibility for all he has done on that blog over eight years, all he has done behind that blog...covertly for which I have proof... and all he does every day... in his malicious and twisted assault on all that is true about me, Renato and our books.

I do not bully... I call him out... and tell him to stop because no one deserves to be treated so sadistically... no one deserves to see all their hard work being killed mercilessly with vicious lies... I once again call on him to close that blog immediately. 

Return my Affairs Valentino blog URL to me. It was mine until his most loyal servant David Bret scared me to death one night in 2011... by saying he would open one of his hit, hate blogs against my family member. He must be so proud of himself... what an occupation... the online terrorizing of women.

I closed my Affairs Valentino blog out of fear... and it was then Tracy Ryan Terhune began his play for my Google search. Why? Ask him. Ask him every day why he did that and ask him why he continues to torture us?

What kind of monster... would do this to anyone?