Friday, June 5, 2020

I Say the Following

In response again to Tracy Ryan Terhune's plea... which he posted on the designated hate blog he runs under my book's title to divert my web traffic...that we email him privately to hear from him just how we could "atone"for our bullying him... I say the following:

We do not bully anyone and never have. We respond to his attacks and defend ourselves against his well-known public campaign to ruin us. This was confirmed by Cindy Martin when she told us about his efforts to brainwash people against us, to use mob mentality. 

And as to the picture of those folders he is fond of posting...of my previous  blogs where I wrote endlessly saying the exact same things I do here...He lies about the content and they are anything but that. I tell him to publish them. Go ahead. I stand by every single word. My defense is not hate and not bullying. I have tried for years to do my best to salvage some truth about us online from Tracy Ryan Terhune's ravaging. He needs to look at his own actions. 

I do not, and never have, run a vicious hate-filled blog under his book's title. I have never linked to a scurrilous blog posting vile comments about his deceased parents... as he did for years about mine. The very fact that he would attempt to look conciliatory on that blog all while calling his victims bullies stands as screaming proof of what he does. This is the very definition of a bully. 

I do not need nor intend to atone for anything. He is the one who has years of atonement to face, if he wishes to change his course... and after he closes that bully blog which he opened and has run ever since with the most malicious motives. 

Defending myself again and again over all these years against his lies about me, our work and against his calling us mad and insane... and mocking us ruthlessly because of our age... has been exhausting.  And in the course of my defending us I will use his name to call him out for doing all of this. Simply saying his name is not bullying him. 

I tell him to close the blog and stop threatening us there which he did again today and which he has done continuously for 8 years. 

As long as he is threatening us on that blog, and deceiving people into thinking those folders contain hateful writings... he is bullying us mercilessly and I do not bow to his threats. 

We are proud of our work, our integrity and our stamina in this battle for our truth. And we did e-mail Tracy Ryan Terhune with a formal request he cease in providing a platform for David Bret and we received no reply.