Sunday, October 23, 2022

Regarding the Comments

I took the comments off this blog as a show of strength not weakness. A weaker person would have continued nonsensically to argue with the bastards. And yes I called them all that, Renato does too and with every good reason. So Tracy Terhune can rush off to log that insult into his tally.

According to Google definitions: “Bastard” is defined as an “unpleasant and despicable person.” There you have it and if Mr. Terhune wants to be called more flattering adjectives then he should earn them.

I have never cowered before their bastard acts and never will. I distinctly recall the first moments of awareness I had some time around 2003 when I realized the story I had to tell about Rudolph Valentino. Gulp. And I remember reading Affairs Valentino and shuddering. But I had to tell the story. It was the truth. I did not cower.

I paid, and we continue to pay the price for refusing to cower before the bastards of the Valentino world. But I think they have all sunk well below the real surface of respectability by now. 

They can not hide who they are anymore and with times so tough, no one respects a bastard and they are incredibly easy to spot these days.