Friday, October 14, 2022

Plain and Simple

How sorrowful and tragic these people are. I am blown away that with all life dishes out and to everyone, these people find the motivation to make things even worse... and for us. Why? In god's name, why? 

Renato said the other day that it is as if we are picking our way around the side of a cliff and they are right in front with little shovels digging the dirt away, trying to make us fall. 

But the ultimate height of mind bogging is that they do this to us for years on end in a heinous and public way... and then they act the victims. The added layer of abuse and when a bully starts accusing their victim of bullying it is the final straw. That makes them stupid in my opinion because part of me thinks they might be stupid enough to believe they are. 

Should I "learn" them a thing or two? ...and bother to post all of the years of evil they heaved our way? I could, one after another, file after file, year after year and now decade after decade. You do not have to look very far now to see the evidence... because they have no qualms about leaving it laying all over this blog in the form of comments. 

Well get off your high horses hypocrites. You are not that great, you are not Valentino experts, not king of Valentino, not Rambova's cousin, you are in fact a disgrace to the Valentino legacy; an utter and unequivocal disgrace. It may not seem so important in the greater scheme of things, but it is vital on a justice level. 

I want justice for what these people did to me and what they now trying to do to Renato. Renato who works so tirelessly and quietly on his Valentino translations; with such power and brilliance. The world of Valentino will long appreciate his hard work. He is almost done with his next book, in Italiano... which he has been working on for quite some time. 

And we are very excited over it. As we were with every single one of our books.