Wednesday, October 12, 2022


I'd like to clarify that contrary to the troll's claim our Patreon account is a “money-grab” and that we are shady characters, etc. I obviously have nothing at all to do with the subscriptions which are set up directly with Patreon.

Only the subscriber's e-mail and the name associated with that e-mail are visible to me and this information is private to me. Patrons are not visible to other Patrons unless they comment on a post and then the name associated with the email is shown but never the e-mail.

Many Patreon accounts offer a range of available tiers of subscription but we have one minimal tier because we are there for the privacy features and the ability to block unwelcome/utterly disgusting comments.

Patreon is a platform which allows people to fund the arts primarily and a way to support people who are actively working on something you are interested in.

In this way, patrons assume the role of investors and become a part of the work itself. I think you all know by now that Renato and I will do our best and work hard, as we always do... to make what we share there unique.

We have been advised to move to Patreon for some time now because of the abusive comments I am forced to read every day... but frankly I did not want to charge even a small fee. But privacy is extremely important which has become painfully obvious on this blog.

I also opened the Patreon account because I am dedicated to protecting those who support us. And this was becoming a real challenge this past week.

I will not be approving any more of their disturbed comments here and will instead be hurling them onto the burning trash pit. They are still sending them in... despite humiliating themselves on the previous post.

Thank you everyone for understanding and inspiring and supporting us!  Here is the new site for anyone interested.

* On a side note... dinner with family last night at Musso & Frank's in Hollywood and when I saw the menu I wondered what Rudolph Valentino might have paid for that Filet Mignon back in his day; surely not 57$. 

I understand the menu is pretty much the same as it was when Rudy was frequenting the restaurant, but its kind of eye-watering price-wise at this point.

Mussos is still my favorite place to eat when we are in Los Angeles and it never disappoints especially in old Hollywood ambience.