Thursday, October 13, 2022

No Response on My Offer

 A "bitch" is by definition a female dog, wolf or otter but also defined by Miriam Webster as, "a malicious, spiteful and overbearing woman". So there you have it. Check the date on the excerpt below (2018... her banner year) and know I have years and years of evidence that this "bitch" has been defaming us and bragging about impeding our right to do a fair and honest business for a very, very long time and done so publicly.

What is stunning is the silence, the deafening silence from people like Donna Hill, Tracy Terhune, and the Valentino family as they do nothing to stop her. And no they are not "minding their own business"... ruining us is their business and has been for an even longer time than the "Cindy Martin" account has been in existence. 

I do not buy the fake construct that she has been ousted of every forum. I think that is part of the whole scam. I am sure they goad her on and snicker in the back room, dancing a little jig of glee at her horribleness. Does she get a Christmas bonus every year?

For those who do not know she goes by the alias of "Dark Mum" and her other alias is "Cindy Martin". I have still had no word from this account agreeing to appear on camera with me, live with a picture ID to answer some of my questions. 

I was told this week she would never accept because "she is not who she says she is." I think the Valentino World will be very surprised to see who this "bitch", by definition... is. Below just one of hundreds of screenshots where she bashes Renato and I with lies and obscene defamation. As excerpted: