Wednesday, October 19, 2022

A Public Service Announcement

I think the first review left on David Bret's book, Marlene Dietrich – My Friend – An Intimate Biography hits the old nail on the head. It reads, “Fake book, don't bother.” I address Bret's claims about that book and more today, because I have long disbelieved anything Bret says. I know for a million facts/reasons that he can only lie and about everything. He is the “boy who cried and cries wolf.”

This said, recently he might have just been forced to be truthful. This rarest of all occasions took place in his response to a court-ordered collection effort. In the course of this effort, Bret was contacted by a court official about certain of his assets; assets he alleged owning.

I informed the court Bret claimed ownership of three things which I knew would be worth considerable cash and with this he could pay me something on or all of the damages awarded to me in my victorious defamation lawsuit against him.

I told the court Bret has claimed for years his Valentino biography was based on Valentino's “unpublished diary” which he owned. I claimed this “unpublished diary” was 100% author fantasy fiction.

Here he shares a detail about his ownership of a “Valentino diary” and adds one more hysterical claim that his godfather was Jacques Hebertot's lover. This excerpt is taken from a post he made in 2010 on the blog run by Ms. Hala Pickford. 

I told the court Bret also claimed he owned letters written to Valentino by Andre Daven. I told them those letters would be worth a small fortune. As excerpted from the Facebook messenger exchange between “Cindy Martin” and Renato Floris which took place in 2019:

I also told the court, Bret claimed he engaged in phone conversations with Marlene Dietrich before her death which he taped. It was based on those Dietrich tapes that he wrote his “fake book”, calling her audaciously in his title... “My friend”. I have long alleged Bret never knew Dietrich, never spoke to her nor taped a word she said. It was all fake.

I based this primarily on the fact Bret lied about and continues to lie about everything. The obvious fact he has never shared a snippet of those tapes publicly is proof enough. He has created fake online accounts to post fake testimony as to his ownership of those tapes.... but he has never presented any proof he even knew his “friend” Dietrich.

Dietrich's daughter Maria Riva demanded to hear the tapes and instead of kindly accommodating her, Bret lashed her onto his death wish list... i.e. people he hopes will die soon. (For Bret death is some kind of punishment) Here a “Terry Sanderson” attests to having listened to Bret's Dietrich tapes, etc.

And Bret's public blurb on the book's Amazon page and other promos (see above) reads:

"I always feel at ease when I am talking to you, David. That is because you are one of the few men in the world who has tried to understand me." Marlene Dietrich In the last years of her life, Marlene Dietrich enjoyed a close friendship with David Bret. This book - the only biography of Dietrich to have been written with the full approval and complemented by her own words - is the result of that friendship. Her only condition was that the author should neither speak about nor publish her testament until after her death.

In a remarkable series of candid interviews, the last just two days before her death on 6 May 1992, we are presented with a Dietrich far removed from the images she conveyed in such films as DISHONOURED, DESTRY RIDES AGAIN and, of course, BLUE ANGEL, the vehicle which rocketed her to international stardom.”

Lies, all outrageous lies. “Fake book” indeed.

Why do I say this today? Because Bret's singular moment of truthiness came a few weeks ago when he was forced to respond to the court officers inquiry about the cash value of that Valentino diary, the Daven letters and the Dietrich tapes. Because he owes me some $70,000.00, I would have been promptly able to seize the property as payment.

Bret writes in the letter he wrote to my attorney and I excerpt:

So there you have it. No tapes, no letters and no diary and revealed in his own words. Now of course he could be lying to the court again. But if that is the case there could be some criminal charges made and some jail time served.

First comment on Bret's Dietrich book says it all, “Fake book. Don't bother.”

In the interest of truthfulness, I rest my case.

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