Monday, October 10, 2022

A Bit of Information

I want to share a word about our Patreon venue. I have set this up to be able to engage/blog/etc., in public discussions without constant and disturbing harassment from those malicious few. Blogger does not allow me to block someone unless I make the blog private which I do not want to do. The result here is that I am bombarded every day with insult. 

Patreon has a feature to block a subscriber and cancel their subscription if they post insulting comments. Imagine that! 

It is a paid subscription of five dollars a month and the subscription is set up through Patreon, not us... and can be terminated at any time. The only information I receive is the e-mail account and name. This information is not made public.  

Renato and I plan to produce unique video posts and organize Zoom Q & A's and create live, streaming debates and discussions. It is a new venue for us with many new features to explore in creating unique posts and sharing our research.  

I am new to Patreon but promise to learn all the features they provide. Which really are many.

I will still be maintaining this blog. Anyone interested can sign up here: