Monday, February 10, 2020

This Lovely Lady Endured

How very much this lovely lady endured because of Alberto Valentino's collection processes. For so many decades the story of the settlement of Valentino's estate was told by Alberto in a skewed and false version which portrayed this lady's husband as a crook and a thief. When in fact the legal process proved this not true and stands as testimony that her husband, Rudolph Valentino's closest friend and trusted business manager acted in good faith to receive a full exoneration and praise from a Court of Appeal's judge. Beatrice Ullman, shown below, and her husband George Ullman deserve that this truth be told. 

For the truth about this story was hidden for decades by Alberto Valentino because the court records proving Ullman's integrity were stolen. But there is no such thing as a perfect crime and the truth has come out through the records I discovered... those court certified copies.... all admitted into court record when Mr. George Ullman filed his appeal. 

Read all about it in Affairs Valentino, the book that Tracy Ryan Terhune does not want you to read. 
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