Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Pure Truth

When I first published Affairs Valentino in 2011, I expected debate, discussion and interest... but I never imagined my exposing what amounted to a cover-up ...would instigate an organized campaign of harassment, bullying, “death scenarios” and more... targeting me and my loved ones.

My research discoveries revealed how a vast archive of materials related to Rudolph Valentino had been stolen, hidden from public access, their existence and content lied about and a false narrative about Rudolph Valentino consequently instigated and perpetuated. The stunning aspect of this cover-up is... that this is still the case.

Documents, court records, valuable memoirs, correspondence are all secreted into collections and denied the public's review. Valuable historical documents are hoarded and traded and used as currency to silence, intimidate and control.

Affairs Valentino was and still is called “pure fiction” by those who participate in this cover-up. It is anything but fiction and they know that. They know it is pure truth because they have the same documents upon which I based the book and have had them for decades. They continue in this cover-up because I wrote the first truth, cited it to forty pages of end notes and openly shared my sources and continue to do so.

Why do they lie so mercilessly? Because Affairs Valentino exposed the truth and in this they were exposed … they hide the documents which reveal decades of brazen lies and fiction told to reinvent Rudolph Valentino's history in order to protect their sordid interests and involvements. How ironic they call Affairs Valentino fiction when they are sitting on the same documentation and much more than I referenced when I spent years piecing it all together.

By the time this first edition came out, I had been attacked and tortured daily online for a solid year... and behind the scenes those doing so passed information and allied to form their syndicate which is still wielding their pure fiction...

And as far as their telling people interested in the book... yes a few weeks ago that Affairs Valentino is “not worth a penny.” I quote a review I excerpted on the back of the Special Edition of the book, 

"Zumaya has faced viciously barbaric opposition to her work, which has compelled her to cease publication of this fine book. This is a disastrous pity for she has done more than any other researcher to advance our understanding of this fascinating screen legend... If you find her book, buy it and don't flinch at the price. It tells a story worthy of any Hollywood scandal." 

                                                                    Tony Bonn – Publisher of The American Chronicle