Monday, February 24, 2020

I Am Not Fooled At All.

How can the few notable people, and I use that term loosely, continue to market themselves as experts on the life and times of one Rudolph Valentino when they have heaved to the trash bin...all of the research, discovery and writing we have done on that subject in over ten years and in 12 publications? I ask how? What frauds, what fakes, what poseurs they are.

They feign knowledge based on the old, tired and false narrative/propaganda they have been programmed to repeat ad nausea. They can fool a lot of people with their BS because they are collectors and most people think a collector of something would make them an expert on the subject. No, it makes them an expert on the marketing of that subject. What is the value of this, etc. on the current Valentino memorabilia market.

Well I am not fooled at all by them..and for that they hate me and my guts. I see straight through them and have for years. I will not bow to the DNA and I will not bow to the censor and his handmaiden. I do not seek their approval and never have. And for this.... how very, very, very poorly they have treated us. It is a black eye on the face of Rudolph Valentino's legacy how these people treat us.

What a laugh to read Tracy Ryan Terhune telling Cindy Martin that he enjoys a good debate. Whoa. Upside down world. What debate? How can there be one? When they both fly into states of unhinged rage if we publish another book. What debate?

What we present from our research is dismissed by them because it is feared. This because what we present is the truth that they have all known about for decades. Experts? They are aggressive Valentino merchants and as someone wrote me this week. "All they care about is ginning up the value of their relics.”

I always thought “they” hated me so because they were defending some vision of their “Rudy”. Now, sadly I know better. They only care about their bottom line and I present a threat to their profit margins.

I will not cower in the face of their ageist, misogynist, racist, sadistic, mean-spirited, satanic, shunning attacks on Renato and I, because life is too short anymore. I will be responding with less fear of them and faster now. 

Censors! Hear this! Michael Morris once told me that it was, “deeply Un-American” to censor and ban books. He was right. Your collective treatment of Renato and I has been “deeply un-American”.

Why now? Because I think 10 years and counting of being bullied, name-called, abused and having our right to conduct an honest business maliciously impeded by these people is just about enough.