Saturday, February 29, 2020

In Defense of My Friend

I will always defend my dearly departed friend Michael Morris as he is not here to defend himself and this in reference to David Bret again calling him “Padre Liberace” on the hate blog which is run by Tracy Ryan Terhune under my book's title. As the brave champion of revelation Cindy Martin told us, Tracy Ryan Terhune approves every post made on that blog so he has approved the referring to Michael Morris as “Padre Liberace”.

This is the height of homophobia to use the name of Liberace as a gay slur. I loved Liberace... who was a fabulous person, an accomplished musician and showman. His name should never be wielded as an insult and homophobic slur. In trying to call me homophobic for the one millionth time, Terhune and Bret fail as they collaborate in revealing their own very horrendous and blatant homophobia.

As Tracy Ryan Terhune provided the platform for this rank screed, I present another relevant excerpt from Ms. Martin's revelations in which she so eloquently addressed what I am saying here. Again I state that these revelations have been preserved on a server. 

On May 29, 2019 she wrote,

“I told Tracy he was the worst kind of gay man there was, one who bullies other gay men or those he perceives to be gay. David is the same... I told David many times that he is essentially showing his own homophobia and fear of ME and his personal insecurity by making homophobic remarks. ..My point is that as there are many of us who detest David because he has done so much damage to our gay and bisexual community that it can be difficult to cross him. He divided us when we should be all working together.

Even Tracy does not want David physically in the U.S. “